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1) Settle on a difficulty, theme and levelstyle
eg: extreme, castle, puzzle.

2) Think carefully about what challenges you are putting into the level. If you are stuck for challenges, play other people's levels and take inspiration (but don't steal).

3) Build the challenges in your level first, making sure they are consistent with your levelstyle and difficulty.

4) It is REALLY important that you get the power ups right. Please make the player work for them and do not give away flowers or capes for no reason. The power ups must serve a purpose in the level. By no means give the player a star so he can skip a large proportion of the level unless there is very good reason.

5) Design your scenery in a non-obstructive way around your challenges. If in doubt about scenery, don't try too hard on making it mind-blowing and play it safe in terms of cutoffs.

6) Test your level! Make sure it is possible. This is especially true for extreme kaizo levels. Make sure all your challenges are not boring and spammy.

7) When you have completed all the previous steps,
submit your level with a complete level summary and a catchy, exciting name.

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There is nothing funny about the corpse pureed on the front bumper of the coal black plymouth. It is a swirl of grotesque, red, yellow and brown; shrivelled up line an out of date prune. Although I seem to laugh. The press are swarming behind the yellow tape, like an army of ants crawling over a dropped hotdog. Never mind them. I have a job to.
" It's another one. This one a bit more inventive than the other three. Am I right?" said the bulbous man in the tight uniform.
"He really is a piece of work. Do you have any leads on the witness account of the pool case?"
"You didn't hear? They killed her. Before we could take her in for questioning they whacked her real good: screwdriver to the brains. Splat. I guess this means we're dealing with the mob here. Am I right?"
"I'm not too sure about that. This is way too messy, and public for the mob. I think we got ourselves a homegrown serial killer here"
"Arright, whatever you say buddy."
He waddles away, hands bobbing up and down either side of him. I feel the weight of my badge in my pocket. On an impulse, I take it out and smile at the dopey gargoyle of a mugshot that they took of me. The name reads 'Detective Inspector Elder_Wraith'. I guess it's gonna have to be me who takes down the crime in this God forsaken cesspit we call a city.

Hello, my name is Elder_Wraith. I am one of the seven elders of the Wraith council that preside over the world of silent tears and agony. I have made a level so fiendish that you will wish you were in the world of silent tears and agony.

If you would like to contact me send your postal messages to:

The Citadel of the Black Dread, Darkgloom Boulevard, City of Screaming Bones, People's Republic of Silent Tears and Agony, 66666

Status : Kaizo Master |||

Age : _-_-
Location : People's Republic of Silent Tears and Agony
Levels : 25
Rates : 491
Joined : 10/30/2015
Website : Chinese Anime
Fans/Friends : 18

Favorite level makers : (friends list)

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