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Pkmn Trainer Jake profile

Welcome to my profile

All future levels will be on level palace

I have discontinued use off PG. PKMN Trainer Jake now called RacerJ4KE was on PG between 8/7/13 - 13/6/16 8 days before my birthday.

Pouetpu games is very inactive and it is a community which has fallen apart I am unsure about my activity level and I will think about it I am proud of Pouetpu for making a website which has been great until 2013 when I joined but level designing is declining Mario Maker is was not worth the wait and PG is very boring to use so really this genre needs to improve soon so do nintendo with mario and the wii u in my opinion the wii u is a rubbish weak console

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Age : 13
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Levels : 89
Rates : 1293
Joined : 07/08/2013
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Fans/Friends : 133

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