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hope you like my levels fire spin 2 and 3 coming out soon! also after fire spin 3 i will be making a bowsers revenge level series. difficulty for fire spin 2 hard. fire spin 3 expert. bowsers revenge 1 through 4 expert. my third series will be pipe land series cancelled because of 2 bad levels in a row. enjoy my levels! My 4th series will be 1-1 through 8-4(my versions! difficulty varies
Press caps lock then hold c and h and go to options and you can choose unlock all levels or 50 lives.

Series coming soon after Pipe Maze

1-1 through 8-4(my versions)

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Age : 13
Location : mushroom kingdom
Levels : 14
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Joined : 05/20/2010
Website : www.gamersunite3.moonfruit.com
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