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Good levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Bowser's New Forestkoopa fan 3000 Medium/SMF1768%Section 3
Atlantis 1Atlantis Medium/SMF1882%Section 3
Chocolate Mountain Hike (easy level)Paper Mario Medium/SMF11778%Section 3
Impossible solution 3rd vol.Harder_level Hard/SMF2578%Section 3
pipe boss levelchannelcameron879 Easy/SMF2777%Section 3
My vers. 1-2Shyemest Medium/SMF1867%Section 3
Ridiculously Difficult Castle 2supermario1992 Hard/SMF1580%Section 3
warp kingbaxtrix Medium/SMF1661%Section 3
World 2maxwasson Easy/SMF1564%Section 3
HOLD RIGHT AGAIN XDMarioG2002 Hard/SMF21269%Section 3
Luigi Quest stage 6 (read description)stage maker Medium/SMF1675%Section 3
Mario Ball Z 3KingKakarot9000 Medium/SMF1560%Section 3
Megaman 11: RocketMan claymation5 Medium/SMF11046%Section 3
Secret Gardenseppo Medium/SMF1675%Section 3
Glaceons Worldluigi4 Medium/SMF1972%Section 3
Final Boss (READ DESCRIPTION!)danlegoman100 Medium/SMF1772%Section 3
Treasure Under the SnowThe Kytan Apprentice Medium/SMF1881%Section 3
My 3rd hold rightfedoraman Medium/SMF1675%Section 3
Artic HellDmanroxs Medium/SMF1764%Section 3
Mario VS. BOWSER!!! (the FINAL BATLE!!!!)gui set Medium/SMF1666%Section 3
death map level 2megatron008 Medium/SMF1778%Section 3
bowser florestgui set Medium/SMF1578%Section 3
Original Level 2OldLavy Medium/SMF1670%Section 3
Super Grunt - Level 3Super Grunt 281 Medium/SMF11475%Section 3
Kaizo mario flash 1-A special stagesuperkaizo Easy/SMF2467%Section 3
World 5 : Sky Cages Tower - Lost Level (read desc.)Squirrel-Risu Medium/SMF2775%Section 3
Mario(4-1)yo1234XD452 Easy/SMF2777%Section 3
Battle Field!!Wakka Medium/SMF1668%Section 3
Bowser's Castle w/ Bowserangelo Medium/SMF1750%Section 3
Mario Hurry Up!!priya asthana12345 Medium/SMF2681%Section 3