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Good levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Hold Right (With spectator!!!)ShinyStine Medium/SMF1772%Section 3
EIGHTEEN SECONDS IN HELLsamuelsketch Medium/SMF11362%Section 3
world 1-5tha best Medium/SMF1963%Section 3
House Of tricks 2Lozofan Hard/SMF2678%Section 3
Super Mario 2D Land level 2WeegeeIsWatching Medium/SMF2784%Section 3
transporte de browserneoganador Medium/SMF2656%Section 3
hard level(not long)jumono Medium/SMF1671%Section 3
The Haunted Forestcristian5677 Hard/SMF2560%Section 3
Super Mario Bros. 1-1Nerdy5107 Medium/SMF11161%Section 3
SMF World 5-2hammer bro Easy/SMF1683%Section 3
SMF 3 EPISODE 1: SEARCHING TO PEACH (3)Paratroopa Medium/SMF1685%Section 3
world 1 level 1123ABC Medium/SMF1560%Section 3
World 1-2Mario Sunshine Medium/SMF1584%Section 3
Battle TanksSuperMarioGuy0001 Medium/SMF2584%Section 3
bowsers castle of dread /lv3mariomasterplayer Medium/SMF1678%Section 3
escape the chaosscottxwalker Medium/SMF1578%Section 3
Mario World 2-2 (SMF1)happendbarbar22 Medium/SMF1678%Section 3
Bowser's Castle Part One Series (READ DESCRIPTION)Klaww9000_ Easy/SMF1580%Section 3
Bullet Overworld (read description)USAF_Growlmon Hard/SMF2762%Section 3
DIE2Metallicaboy213 Medium/SMF1768%Section 3
Hold Right!! (My First Level)MarioLuigiWarioWaluigi Medium/SMF1870%Section 3
Nuclearstomps vacation:Wall of spikesNuclearstomp Medium/SMF2784%Section 3
farm greenskipperluver Medium/SMF1584%Section 3
New Super Mario Bros 3 1-2-A Day On The MountainSwagmaster64 Medium/SMF2548%Section 3
Super Luigi Bros. 1-1grandstar62 Easy/SMF1584%Section 3
lava lairbambalends Medium/SMF1665%Section 3
Bowser's baseloodogs Medium/SMF1660%Section 3
Mushroom Spacesuperrooster123 Medium/SMF1858%Section 3
the mistacil lvl its magiciklo Medium/SMF1584%Section 3
House of Puzzles( Read Description!)mudbill Medium/SMF1576%Section 3