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Good levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
koopa mountainshaplaplon Medium/SMF1673%Section 3
La batalla finalalejin0007 Medium/SMF1660%Section 3
Super Mario Bros: Sky Lands 1-CaveSuper Gugu9 Medium/SMF1656%Section 3
hard mini level 2zerima34 Medium/SMF1761%Section 3
Puzzle Dungeon - Floor 1Fireball207 Easy/SMF2651%Section 3
Mario Madness 2Extra_Mushroom Medium/SMF2580%Section 3
6 flagsmasterRic99 Medium/SMF1658%Section 3
Luigi's Last Adventures PART 2 THE LAVA FORESTBooLuigi Medium/SMF1670%Section 3
tower aristowuermateo509 Medium/SMF1758%Section 3
I'm BackReynard105 Easy/SMF1676%Section 3
Treetop TangleLeo Flame96 Medium/SMF1977%Section 3
mario saves luigi part 6mario-master Medium/SMF1570%Section 3
UnderworldReaperRipper1223 Medium/SMF1770%Section 3
Silver's Originals 1SilverBlade Medium/SMF11269%Section 3
MONSTER FACTORY 1.ALEXA Medium/SMF1670%Section 3
Find The Exit!sweetladyamy Medium/SMF2574%Section 3
Back To The RootsTalesFromTheCrypt Medium/SMF1683%Section 3
Super Mario Bros Flash 2: WORLD 2-1przem1994 Medium/SMF11476%Section 3
sky platfromsbrontokiller Medium/SMF1668%Section 3
bowser timebrandonwild11 Medium/SMF1775%Section 3
world 1-1goyoshie Medium/SMF1765%Section 3
Outer Space 1-2 medium hardgriff Medium/SMF1771%Section 3
airship basePiplster Medium/SMF1772%Section 3
Prison Breakslayerx1779 Medium/SMF11065%Section 3
Agent M:Mission 4:The Shoutbox Crash!!Mario162 Medium/SMF11069%Section 3
Sonic EasynessSonicMK64 Easy/SMF2574%Section 3
the lava castle (don't slip)(part 2)evilmario1234 Medium/SMF11258%Section 3
Epic CastleEpic Chomp 2468 Medium/SMF1866%Section 3
MY VERY HARD CASTLEjackcarp5 Medium/SMF11280%Section 3
1up slidedjg785946123 Easy/SMF21051%Section 3