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Good levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Superstar Road 1Robotoidcatsrule2 Hard/SMF2566%Section 3
09dhowell's originals 12 Invasion of the Piranha's09dhowell Medium/SMF11290%Section 3
Water CavernSuperMalleo Hard/SMF2582%Section 3
Air Ships 2Marioaddict Medium/SMF1661%Section 3
The Pyramidsuper yoshi Medium/SMF11075%Section 3
hero from the forestEzekielEvans Medium/SMF1568%Section 3
Hacia el cieloDarz Easy/SMF1580%Section 3
Extra Carefullnessethanfrocks Medium/SMF1566%Section 3
SMW-TCO 2AGH Hard/SMF2572%Section 3
Marios Journey - ENDINGIncubus fan Medium/SMF11075%Section 3
Hell Lands Part 2/5mystrile Hard/SMF11075%Section 3
Toad Town adventure 1-2briante12 Medium/SMF1863%Section 3
AirShipkoko Medium/SMF1765%Section 3
Floating Island (Read Description)A Human Medium/SMF1765%Section 3
hard 1-3ninjamasterluigi Hard/SMF2771%Section 3
Every Page Of The Editing Toolsdippywip Medium/SMF1560%Section 3
PE prequel pt. 3: Eyy, Jaques isnt good!Lolipopman Medium/SMF1661%Section 3
Level 3MARIOLUIGIXDFUN Medium/SMF1572%Section 3
P-Switch Runkittens0330 Medium/SMF2775%Section 3
mushroom treetopsandrew001 Medium/SMF1784%Section 3
EveryThing Platformmariowiieditor Easy/SMF2770%Section 3
5-1necrox22 Easy/SMF2560%Section 3
Snow Villagetdbulldog Medium/SMF1572%Section 3
Slide mario Slidethegamingpromaster Easy/SMF21474%Section 3
SMR W3-5 "Butter/Cheese Bridge"JonCna Hard/SMF2566%Section 3
Hold Right #2Red Vine25 Medium/SMF11186%Section 3
glitch :)SuperZoltanFlash Medium/SMF11148%Section 3
Super Luigi Bros 1-1: Bowser's FortessDaniel12 Hard/SMF1572%Section 3
My first hold rightthenumberone Medium/SMF1985%Section 3
Flaming Fieldspyroflam Medium/SMF1560%Section 3