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Good levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Super Mario Galaxy Flash 1-1 (Read Desc.)goweegie2 Medium/SMF1970%Section 3
Dessert Hill CastletimmyboyXP Easy/SMF2784%Section 3
minigames whit bossmario mester Medium/SMF1668%Section 3
Super Mario Bros - World 2-1przem1994 Medium/SMF14693%Section 3
Super Boss Bros. 3- Mystery Cove (Hidden Exit!)udayanistheboss Medium/SMF1576%Section 3
super mario underwater flash 1-2The Flying Dutchman Hard/SMF21180%Section 3
Lv.5 : Snow Countryfeep Medium/SMF1574%Section 3
World E-4Danyel82 Hard/SMF2578%Section 3
The Good Or The MarioMini-Mario Medium/SMF1560%Section 3
World 1-3: MushroomsMADvsArt Medium/SMF1765%Section 3
Waluigi's world 1-1waluigi_creator Medium/SMF11269%Section 3
Power-Up Room (Read Description)PouetpuLuigi Easy/SMF2951%Section 3
golden treasuretyler1012100 Medium/SMF1981%Section 3
DM Island 4-1: Mario And The Spirit RocksSlimeman01 Medium/SMF2584%Section 3
super mario brosDUDE Medium/SMF1774%Section 3
Mario Level 1-5MarioKing21 Medium/SMF1560%Section 3
marios Killer Worldjeeexo Medium/SMF1784%Section 3
Super Mario 1-3BetaCrew Medium/SMF2576%Section 3
Nic6389 LV1nic6389 Medium/SMF1685%Section 3
Mushroom Heights 3ABrodzik Medium/SMF1683%Section 3
235462356454362573457834672376456782357345674rDante 123 Medium/SMF1872%Section 3
epicmap1¥mikyikey177 Medium/SMF1574%Section 3
SMR W3-8 "Soda Lake"JonCna Hard/SMF2582%Section 3
Hot Summers Day 2Bugs1Mints Easy/SMF2564%Section 3
MY LEVEL NAME IS IN CAPSima9000 Medium/SMF1767%Section 3
live maniahiderguy Medium/SMF1568%Section 3
Jays Good Luck Leveljokerman123 Medium/SMF1774%Section 3
Bowser's Deceptionjacksonnintendo3ds Medium/SMF2681%Section 3
Tha Enemy Gauntlet!JDOCJO5814 Medium/SMF1774%Section 3
koopa island101kirbyfan Medium/SMF2560%Section 3