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Good levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
muncha plains 1steamboy34 Easy/SMF2467%Section 3
Extreme CastleMarioSkylanders Extreme/SMF1477%Section 3
mirror levelsuperpetter Medium/SMF11570%Section 3
donut plains 1megaman027 Medium/SMF1770%Section 3
Mario's Journey MW Lvl 4fatman Medium/SMF1574%Section 3
Bowser's castle part 2Dr Hop Medium/SMF1580%Section 3
The Two Elements Of DoomMarioProNico Medium/SMF11783%Section 3
Claustrophobic HLLEvolutionSkill Hard/SMF2570%Section 3
Stop the critquingMissingno Virus Easy/SMF2878%Section 3
Puzzle World!Mini-koopa Medium/SMF1566%Section 3
super castle(READ DESCRIPTION)tebookee Medium/SMF1665%Section 3
Speedrun TalHeightsAdricgames Easy/SMF1576%Section 3
Abandoned cellsadam980309 Medium/SMF1670%Section 3
Urban CityVIKING Medium/SMF1671%Section 3
very crazypedrinho1578 Medium/SMF1782%Section 3
Mario, Money and MonstersSpalding Medium/SMF1761%Section 3
Sky Castlesuperman10 Hard/SMF2578%Section 3
MicAarZur's Amazing Levels: ForestMicAarZur Medium/SMF1578%Section 3
2-3 THE SECOND TOWERestebanagr11 Medium/SMF1670%Section 3
Run for your lifesoso Medium/SMF11177%Section 3
SMB 1-1 2011Lilroy99 Easy/SMF2666%Section 3
Rocksabeville Episode One: A Call for HelpRocksabe Medium/SMF11280%Section 3
Want Some Cookiesbenvincent917 Hard/SMF2560%Section 3
DO NOT ENTERjimmyangelramirez Medium/SMF11170%Section 3
Mushroom Woodlandsgreenyoshi2014 Medium/SMF2580%Section 3
Super Mario Generations 2-2closed2288 Easy/SMF2878%Section 3
Frost dayRop123 Medium/SMF1872%Section 3
OMEGA CASTLE (level 1)PICONJO19 Medium/SMF1658%Section 3
Hold right SPEEDvajky Medium/SMF1683%Section 3
Hold Right 2DyO Medium/SMF11054%Section 3