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Good levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
The Hard LevelChaosman24 Medium/SMF1566%Section 3
Space race pt1(Must Play)eJ121 Medium/SMF1685%Section 3
World 2-Forest (2-1)przem1994 Medium/SMF11783%Section 3
The scorching desert level 10tylerclardy1996 Medium/SMF1665%Section 3
SPB 3-1 Time Travel!KeldeoMaster10 Extreme/SMF2586%Section 3
Noob World 2-3 Hard Puzzle 2kolemiller Medium/SMF1566%Section 3
RUNhidan Medium/SMF1660%Section 3
BOWSER'S DREAM (read des.)X@REX Medium/SMF11081%Section 3
The Destiny To Destroy Ghosts PART 1NoteFromFlipnoteHatena Medium/SMF1950%Section 3
Przem1994 challenge from bowser jr!!!!bowser jr!!!! Medium/SMF1562%Section 3
Wars of Death World 1-1Zuko105 Medium/SMF1578%Section 3
The Lost Kingdom Part 2/5BananaBoy18 Medium/SMF1580%Section 3
Mario vs boom boom 2-9: the quicksand and waterbubleTheTroller0073 Hard/SMF2472%Section 3
Invisa blocksthebird24 Hard/SMF1467%Section 3
Super super MarioAngrybird103 Medium/SMF1784%Section 3
Super Fun Level 1 ( Read Disc )TheSecretBoy Medium/SMF11076%Section 3
Bowser's Castle World 2alextsmith Medium/SMF1572%Section 3
200s are NEVER Enough! (read description)tmoney1 Medium/SMF1673%Section 3
the extreme cave!iniki55 Medium/SMF1683%Section 3
Hold Right -> ollieman Medium/SMF1774%Section 3
Need for speed Glitch{hold right up}i took it from yoshi2010Dante 123 Medium/SMF11482%Section 3
2 WAYS NO. 2geo MW Medium/SMF1560%Section 3
the muschroom kingdom 1-1GoldenWill5 Medium/SMF1680%Section 3
Hold rigth {2} (IN the CaStle and Desert) By ayoub84ayoub84 Medium/SMF11069%Section 3
New Super Mario Bros. 3: World 2.2Jordi Vila Easy/SMF1560%Section 3
Forest of Deathl33t Medium/SMF1562%Section 3
HOLD RIGHT leomartiniello Medium/SMF1984%Section 3
Zumberg 1-1Zumberg Medium/SMF21049%Section 3
World: 1 Level: 3NightmareLink561 Medium/SMF1580%Section 3
Super Mario Epic Level 5RamboCam7 Medium/SMF1574%Section 3