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Good levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
the castlecool level maker123 Medium/SMF1576%Section 3
To: Horatiu From: Me :-)SeventhTrain Medium/SMF1680%Section 3
Mario's Darker Levels 1-1powerstar Medium/SMF2772%Section 3
SMGEN 1-1ThomasStryker Medium/SMF1683%Section 3
Destined Darknessdarkness714 Hard/SMF1676%Section 3
The Biggest Challenge EVAH!ThePat545 Hard/SMF1962%Section 3
Super 2!galia Medium/SMF1560%Section 3
King Morton Koopa's CityHardLevelMaker9923 Medium/SMF1883%Section 3
THE SPACE ARMADAX@REX Medium/SMF1670%Section 3
Frustration (This level was tested)OldLavy Medium/SMF1676%Section 3
Htopia's Lost LevelHtopia Hard/SMF1660%Section 3
Ultra Cave of Boom BoomGoncalo66 Hard/SMF2570%Section 3
Volcanosuper mario 25 Medium/SMF1680%Section 3
The Volcanic PipelineJohnbond97 Medium/SMF11166%Section 3
KingBoo44 and Mario Blight tag levelMario Blight Medium/SMF11185%Section 3
1-4Killer32 Medium/SMF1775%Section 3
Agent Mario - Episode OneSuper Mario164 Medium/SMF1568%Section 3
Pikes Peakblaar Medium/SMF11069%Section 3
Mairo Bros. Classics 1-1duker2 Medium/SMF1765%Section 3
Super Mario Bros. Level 1 Remake (Super Mario World Style)Mario Blight Easy/SMF21184%Section 3
badmancashwarrior1 Hard/SMF2751%Section 3
level 7 race to the woodbralwers Medium/SMF1564%Section 3
water hardlucasalves35 Medium/SMF2562%Section 3
World 2 Level 3ChrisandGreg Medium/SMF11083%Section 3
outer space part 1dubble u Medium/SMF1985%Section 3
Cave of FearSuperKun Medium/SMF2676%Section 3
Bowser's Underground BaseTomFalco Medium/SMF1680%Section 3
The End marioking24 Hard/SMF2584%Section 3
The Bowser Castle 3angeljesus98 Medium/SMF1584%Section 3
Dark Land 1Zane467 Medium/SMF1574%Section 3