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Good levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
fire doom!!ryancool1111 Medium/SMF1680%Section 3
Noob World 2-2 Mini Castlekolemiller Medium/SMF1578%Section 3
Mushroom Hop! (read description!)VideoGameDude123 Medium/SMF11270%Section 3
Bowser's CastleSuper Mario BrosTM Medium/SMF1866%Section 3
bowsers prisonsponge pat Medium/SMF11267%Section 3
mario galaxy:mondo 3simone Medium/SMF1765%Section 3
Jimpy Jampy Gateway pert2bencefv Medium/SMF1870%Section 3
OMGtacodx25 Medium/SMF1562%Section 3
koopa castle-4 BY MY LIL BRO (read desc)bowserbutt Easy/SMF2683%Section 3
Crazy Ghost House (a.k.a. Tricky Ghost House 2)GameMaster159 Medium/SMF11080%Section 3
cesar-gp's 2nd cavecesar-gp Easy/SMF2470%Section 3
airships 1megajer Medium/SMF1858%Section 3
Super Mario 2D Universe "Cheese Desert 9"JonCna Hard/SMF2570%Section 3
Super Mario world 1-2MarioMaster1234 Medium/SMF11086%Section 3
Bowser's dungeonsilversezhi Hard/SMF1564%Section 3
super mario bros. 1-2supermarioplayer Medium/SMF1685%Section 3
M/L's Sky Adv. 3 (Night Version Revived)SilverMario Medium/SMF1668%Section 3
Beastie level 1) Race Through the JungleBeastieGuy Medium/SMF1777%Section 3
Strange Quest of MarioSirSmash Medium/SMF2576%Section 3
RUN !!(Hold right)Gabriel1996 Medium/SMF1865%Section 3
Old To New Castle AGAINTonic ze Hedgefox Hard/SMF1480%Section 3
Bowser's Airship Attack! Part 1Mariohat Medium/SMF1360%Section 3
Green Green ForestMehkot Medium/SMF1681%Section 3
Hard Bowser BattleWeegeeMaster123 Hard/SMF21766%Section 3
SnoopyBiLLBOFETT Medium/SMF11472%Section 3
Bowsers Castle.mario2002 Medium/SMF1678%Section 3
{{{{{"The First Lost Level"}}}}}rainerusa Hard/SMF2665%Section 3
WAIT! #2Vip3Rz Medium/SMF1870%Section 3
DEUTSCHLAND LEVEL 2TunafromDeutschland Medium/SMF1686%Section 3
Sudden DeathTrasher Medium/SMF1775%Section 3