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Good levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
The Adventure Pt. 1PARINOID ROXX Medium/SMF1676%Section 3
Warp Zone 2.0Moonako Medium/SMF1976%Section 3
Goombavillekingmario24 Medium/SMF11080%Section 3
Mushroom VillageHero 1777 Medium/SMF1582%Section 3
Super Mario All Stars SMB World 2-4Dark Bowser X Easy/SMF1580%Section 3
Hold Right 2arceus ex Medium/SMF1887%Section 3
Super Mario World 10-2Mafu Medium/SMF1774%Section 3
airships 1megajer Medium/SMF1858%Section 3
Easy navyGoncalo66 Easy/SMF2686%Section 3
Yoshis world at night read desc.roshan5 Medium/SMF1668%Section 3
Pierced MeadowsMaestro Medium/SMF1666%Section 3
Troll Time! Tribute to Unown!TheTroller0073 Hard/SMF11374%Section 3
Adventure World 2Skele10Man Medium/SMF1572%Section 3
S.M.F. T.E.W. World 1.6Blouffbob Medium/SMF1970%Section 3
Invisible blocks :READ DESC:mac5565OnYoutube Medium/SMF1865%Section 3
Castle 2!galia Medium/SMF1685%Section 3
Galactic OdysseyAntis Marion Medium/SMF1882%Section 3
Hold right 5ShadowSol Medium/SMF11385%Section 3
2-1hiberi654 Medium/SMF1671%Section 3
SMFTLL 1-2Adamluigi Medium/SMF1562%Section 3
Shelly's Castle 1-4steven Medium/SMF1675%Section 3
Backwards Castle!!!Mr.Crackerpants Medium/SMF1784%Section 3
almost inposableOdog277 Medium/SMF1675%Section 3
Ultra Mario World 1-1 "Koopa Plains"Eggs beneDON'T Medium/SMF2578%Section 3
The bowser resistance 1-1 (Hold level)eadude Medium/SMF1683%Section 3
mariomariiottt's level ! 2mariomariiottt Medium/SMF1666%Section 3
lworld4-1bountyhunter98 Medium/SMF1570%Section 3
Mysterious Koopa Castle #1Luigi740 Medium/SMF1666%Section 3
Amazingaliskru Medium/SMF1778%Section 3
Level 1jamechias Easy/SMF2574%Section 3