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Good levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
SMF: The lost coin 1-3 (Ghost house)legomario365 Medium/SMF1887%Section 3
mario worldgamethug Medium/SMF1772%Section 3
the lol cavernjared angel10000 Medium/SMF1570%Section 3
Variety of ChallengesCelestia2312 Hard/SMF2380%Section 3
Underwater MinesElectrikTech Medium/SMF2961%Section 3
Hold Right and Upjugglethepie Medium/SMF1774%Section 3
1-6 over and underBest levels Medium/SMF1862%Section 3
New Super Mario FlashBowserUltimateFan63 Medium/SMF1960%Section 3
SKY TEMPLE half point boss (very hard to me)chickenisyummy Medium/SMF1784%Section 3
Final DoomsdayCloudj1 Medium/SMF1966%Section 3
asome2-D Medium/SMF1764%Section 3
crazy love forestluigimaniac Medium/SMF1574%Section 3
6-1smeyer Hard/SMF2877%Section 3
The tower mazecoolhdc Medium/SMF1676%Section 3
super mario world the lost levels grass zone 1bowserbutt Easy/SMF2983%Section 3
mmm2 world 4 level 3 (forest)fbs Hard/SMF2782%Section 3
The castle boatjerome Medium/SMF1871%Section 3
Orange ForestOrangeRanger Medium/SMF1670%Section 3
Falling PlatformsGhost3000 Medium/SMF1774%Section 3
Before the FieldsJimmyzzzX Medium/SMF1774%Section 3
sanctuairehomonculus33 Medium/SMF1580%Section 3
small camp 3-3matheus9999999999 Medium/SMF1681%Section 3
Bowsers ultimate miniboss war: big and bad (read disciption)boby100 Medium/SMF1777%Section 3
Koopa Castle 1-1SURVIVOR14780 Medium/SMF1665%Section 3
Kinda hardlightnin55577 Medium/SMF1576%Section 3
My level nameWubzzy10 Medium/SMF1678%Section 3
Nightmare_CastleMizar82 Medium/SMF1665%Section 3
Level 1-1392Darkrai! Medium/SMF11179%Section 3
skyland and cavessergio56 Medium/SMF1863%Section 3
SMB 1-1 2011Lilroy99 Easy/SMF2666%Section 3