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Good levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Colloseum of Awesomeigotskil Medium/SMF1570%Section 3
Boom Boom's Special Castlezinky240 Medium/SMF2686%Section 3
Monster Invasionbesartgerguri Medium/SMF1675%Section 3
Bitey landCool Guy 2000 Medium/SMF1668%Section 3
koopaland :2XLAz0rX Medium/SMF1680%Section 3
FUNNYmitchelltisseur Medium/SMF2666%Section 3
monsters 'n' tricksbobthebuilder Medium/SMF1758%Section 3
Hyper Zone (World 1-4)Megaman6924 Medium/SMF1671%Section 3
World 1-1trishydoll Medium/SMF1778%Section 3
Koopa Bridgegogo2012 Medium/SMF1676%Section 3
Normal Levelthe supreme overlord Easy/SMF1771%Section 3
Mario's Big Journey Chapter 1-2: Hazy Maze CaveMrawesome2050 Medium/SMF2582%Section 3
My first SMF2 levelthenumberone Medium/SMF2580%Section 3
World 4-Underground (4-2)przem1994 Medium/SMF11391%Section 3
bowser jr's airshipking koopa Medium/SMF1572%Section 3
SUPER MARIO FLASH(Crazy go straight version)1078639154 Easy/SMF1782%Section 3
UndergroundLuigi1997 Medium/SMF11486%Section 3
Castle TerrorDjkaktusfeige Medium/SMF1570%Section 3
hold right 2me name Medium/SMF1784%Section 3
Mario search for the 8 Jewels 2-3MrPikminfan99 Medium/SMF1568%Section 3
mario bros 1/2axelmaster Medium/SMF1771%Section 3
Sup Mario 1 1-6dillonsup Easy/SMF1670%Section 3
Level 2 World 1blaman Medium/SMF1778%Section 3
Pendulum castleeisa Medium/SMF21363%Section 3
The Plumber's DreamFighterbuilder Easy/SMF21055%Section 3
Bowser CascadeMaestro Medium/SMF1680%Section 3
Castle of MysteryAsrianMortiz Medium/SMF1873%Section 3
Special World 2-1spyguts97 Medium/SMF1770%Section 3
mario obstacles PLZ READ DISCRIPTION!!!!iang303 Medium/SMF1572%Section 3