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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
The Cave of Miracles (read description!)luigifan99 Easy/SMF21699%Section 2
The Grass Junglemariobrosfan Medium/SMF21199%Section 2
(Read Description! It's Epic!) Kaizo Training--UnderwaterJohn, the Pixelated Guy! Extreme/SMF21099%Section 2
Mario World Plus II (1-4) Mole Hillsno name Easy/SMF2586%Section 2
Jambi XI - Updated VersionPopthatcorn14 Extreme/SMF24100%Section 2
Danger ForestDollarluigi Hard/SMF1888%Section 2
RESCUE PIPE 3lemmy_koopa Medium/SMF1887%Section 2
Super Mario Bros. (NES) World 1-2NintendoAIertZ Medium/SMF11096%Section 2
The Island of Sun (Kaizo & Normal) (Tag w/huynhhaothanh)tranvucam Hard/SMF2691%Section 2
The Void Level 3Dark Bowser X Hard/SMF2690%Section 2
JetWing Aced - Underwater (Aced)superstarfire33 Medium/SMF2698%Section 2
in the wild...anarchy car Medium/SMF1886%Section 2
Hold right v.2Jorjo Bon Medium/SMF13594%Section 2
LRZ 2: Blind WaterLRZ Easy/SMF2588%Section 2
Little Airship Army Galaxy - Survive StarAlienStar3000 Medium/SMF2790%Section 2
~★~ Ashore Galleons Beach ~★~7SuperMarioBros7 Hard/SMF222100%Section 2
My World 8-3Allan05 Easy/SMF1885%Section 2
NSMF World 2-4Level Master #1Joe Medium/SMF11193%Section 2
Chocalate Plains {Chocalate Edition}SonicColors Medium/SMF2797%Section 2
Aquatic Reef Zone: Act 5uhlinyaface1 Medium/SMF233100%Section 2
SandlandralphDMA14 Medium/SMF2594%Section 2
Super Mario Adventures 7-3Mario236 Hard/SMF2596%Section 2
✹ The Elemental Temple ✹Morton koopa Medium/SMF21894%Section 2
*~In The Airship*~South-Park Medium/SMF28100%Section 2
Tank Level (Hard Mode)Confirm Level Maker Hard/SMF21092%Section 2
Snow LandR-Studios Medium/SMF12269%Section 2
New Super Mario World, World 3-6jamesbond13 Medium/SMF2598%Section 2
Level 1 (short) (read disc)SUPERnEo Medium/SMF1870%Section 2
Dark Realms I: Zephyrean GlacierEndGame Hard/SMF12197%Section 2
stage 2-3tommyboyXD Easy/SMF21390%Section 2