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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Yoshi's Island Part 9 Mushroom PlainsDark Lord Medium/SMF27100%Section 2
Massacre CastleKonamiMan91 Hard/SMF2698%Section 2
Into The Castle (Defeat Bowser)Terence Hard/SMF1691%Section 2
My First LevelSuper Mario-Man Easy/SMF21995%Section 2
Lvl. 2 Underground UPDATEMarkTheCat Medium/SMF11484%Section 2
rocky990 and Mario Blight tag levelMario Blight Medium/SMF11188%Section 2
Super Vladut Bros 2 World 5-3: Forest PlatformsVladutUser Medium/SMF25100%Section 2
Nabbit-4nabbithero54 Easy/SMF25100%Section 2
Crazy Mario Levelcesar-gp Easy/SMF2690%Section 2
ABC's and 123'seviltomato Medium/SMF1785%Section 2
Platform Castlebananaramen Hard/SMF24100%Section 2
Goldnightadam980309 Medium/SMF1688%Section 2
TerminatorREX Tributeluigibonus Easy/SMF11499%Section 2
Mario's Quest 1-4Gamefreak9827 Easy/SMF1598%Section 2
Escape from Lava Castle (harder version)wild mad dawg Medium/SMF11184%Section 2
Quest for the Lost Toads 1-7luis1799 Medium/SMF2596%Section 2
Please Rate 100%! lolandy&ben Medium/SMF21890%Section 2
ADVANCED WORLD : 4-4 | EVIL EMPIRE | BILLS BARRAGE Bricklayer Hard/SMF11594%Section 2
JJ7 tribute Bowser castle stage 1 (repost)Metaknightpro Medium/SMF2497%Section 2
SMQ Ep.2 'Smuggler's Cave and LiesFelipe de Farias Medium/SMF218100%Section 2
marios adventure 4-3tylerthegreat Medium/SMF2592%Section 2
Nuclearstomps vacation:The reapearance of Captain KoopaNuclearstomp Medium/SMF2492%Section 2
Castle of Lava 1Kevin3D Medium/SMF2590%Section 2
FUTURE WORLD | SMF1 REMASTERED EDITIONBricklayer Medium/SMF15100%Section 2
smf1 the lost levels 5-1mariosyoshi Medium/SMF2588%Section 2
Super Mario World Resurrected World 2-Ghost House09dhowell Medium/SMF23994%Section 2
Remastered Super Mario Bros. 7 | World 1-Castle7SuperMarioBros7 Medium/SMF11697%Section 2
The Wild Landluigiisgreeny Medium/SMF1688%Section 2
A Scary NightSouth-Park Medium/SMF2995%Section 2
Super Mariofan888 Flash Level D-3TurboMan9001 Extreme/SMF24100%Section 2