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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
JAL World 1-4: Burning Citadeljust another levelmaker Easy/SMF21280%Section 2
in the wild...anarchy car Medium/SMF1886%Section 2
Super Luigi Bros 2-4Nick1416 Hard/SMF15100%Section 2
przem1994 tributeEcabacer Medium/SMF1997%Section 2
Super Sonic Bros 3-3Megasonicfan12 Medium/SMF15100%Section 2
Mario's New Journey 2-5uhlinyaface1 Easy/SMF1896%Section 2
World 1-3FilioMaker2000 Easy/SMF1588%Section 2
Supah Mareeoh And The Quest For Nothing: Chapter 3superpig246 Medium/SMF2290%Section 2
Mario's kingdom in panic!!!!dwark9 Medium/SMF11186%Section 2
Mushroom HeightsInsaneSanic Medium/SMF2691%Section 2
Cavernous Trekwolfforthewin Medium/SMF2893%Section 2
♪ [SMB3] Grass Hill: Area 3 ♪HungryLuma Easy/SMF21597%Section 2
Newer Super Mario Bros: World 7-3: Ghostly Bridgejamesbond13 Extreme/SMF2698%Section 2
Super Mario and the Magical Kingdom World 4-6Theflame12 Medium/SMF1986%Section 2
THE HELL PALACE!emoboycoolyo Medium/SMF11675%Section 2
Grass TempleGreenNinja Medium/SMF2690%Section 2
Into the jail (Only for experienced players)mugi07 Medium/SMF11761%Section 2
☠~Fluttershy's Shed VI~☠Derpy Hooves Hard/SMF2898%Section 2
Glitch (You can't die)metehan58 Medium/SMF13977%Section 2
Junior Eurovision Song ContestLucky Mario player Medium/SMF2490%Section 2
many goombasluigs Medium/SMF11868%Section 2
Tour Of Dino Monsters CastleSuperMarioExpert Medium/SMF2592%Section 2
Super Grunt - Level 25Super Grunt 281 Medium/SMF1893%Section 2
4-c air islesrick riordan Medium/SMF26100%Section 2
SSW 2-7thechef2 Medium/SMF1888%Section 2
Mario's holidays trips 4-1: the way for the caveThe master leverator Medium/SMF2795%Section 2
mysterious house (read desc.)m99 Medium/SMF11269%Section 2
bowsers outside castlejerryt Medium/SMF11969%Section 2
THE FIVE SEASONSmikemyster195 Medium/SMF11278%Section 2
Where's Multi...? 25 F/F Special!Multi Hard/SMF29100%Section 2