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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
HARD!!!Prstn11098 Medium/SMF12076%Section 2
The Castle Of suicide CHAPTER 1boxelderbug Hard/SMF26100%Section 2
The Play Of Luigi 1-4Fenx Medium/SMF1596%Section 2
Super Mariofan888 Flash Level Bowser's CastleTurboMan9001 Hard/SMF26100%Section 2
Jammin World 2-CastleJammin_82 Hard/SMF2295%Section 2
◈ Super Boon Flash 2-♛ (BrokenAce Tribute) ◈Quiet Oyster Hard/SMF25100%Section 2
Long Road to Victory 5! mrckv3 Extreme/SMF21199%Section 2
Super Vladut Flash - World 8-4VladutUser Extreme/SMF13100%Section 2
Mario mission 11:≈★≈water adventure 2≈★≈diego500 Hard/SMF21194%Section 2
Starry, Snowy and Haunted LevelMario Blight Medium/SMF1891%Section 2
Operation H2012man Easy/SMF11278%Section 2
Level 4ngstutte Medium/SMF11461%Section 2
doom level v1.2aucoinbm Medium/SMF1888%Section 2
I'm Play ROBLOXtranvucam Hard/SMF26100%Section 2
Hot Pocket World 3-2hotpocketyum307 Medium/SMF2988%Section 2
lakitu's towercash warrior1 Medium/SMF2495%Section 2
przem1994's | - Second Super Mario Bros - WORLD 4-3przem1994 Medium/SMF12194%Section 2
Vinny's World 1-1 remakeVinnythemax12 Medium/SMF2586%Section 2
Axew Land 4-7Axew14 Hard/SMF27100%Section 2
Super Mario Country Part7Macayax Medium/SMF2598%Section 2
World 1-1El Pi0jO Medium/SMF1686%Section 2
Super Mario Chronicles ** World 2-2 **RamboCam7 Medium/SMF23100%Section 2
przem1994 tributeEcabacer Medium/SMF18100%Section 2
Remastered Super Mario Bros. 7 | World 2-27SuperMarioBros7 Medium/SMF12299%Section 2
WL5 (WK7'S L): Emerald Passage: The Solemn Sea + BossWaterKoopa7 Medium/SMF1990%Section 2
The TrickBlue-Meowstic Hard/SMF1795%Section 2
Super Parbounli Bros 4-4Ecabacer Hard/SMF2485%Section 2
Underground Maze Switch ChallengesMarkeyruiz97 Medium/SMF22799%Section 2
1020's Galaxy Planet1: Mercury Star1: Hot side of the planet10204307 Medium/SMF1987%Section 2
super mario quest 1-1monic482400 Medium/SMF11288%Section 2