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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Newer super terence bros. World 2 Level 5Terence Hard/SMF24100%Section 2
Mario's Wacky Worlds Level 1-CastleWeegeeMaster123 Medium/SMF2780%Section 2
Rise of Mario(1)bdogbears Medium/SMF25100%Section 2
NeoSMB pt.3 Raging Desertmario the inferno Medium/SMF22100%Section 2
Moose's Level 1Moose-lover Medium/SMF1594%Section 2
DM Island 3-C: Rising Water Of DeathSlimeman01 Hard/SMF2295%Section 2
~Luigi's Adventure~ W0-1: NES (Tag Level With BrawlerDay)Lord_of_Light Medium/SMF2790%Section 2
Pipe Maze ShiptimmyboyXP Medium/SMF2492%Section 2
Koopa Conveyorlengle Hard/SMF2686%Section 2
The Quest 1-1 Pentople Plains (Good for beginners.)spooky Skeleton Easy/SMF2495%Section 2
Super Mario World Resurrected World 2-Castle09dhowell Medium/SMF23694%Section 2
Hold Right and Up(plz Rate 10]TuTs Medium/SMF12275%Section 2
Super Apoplexy World (Arc 1) WORLD 7-7Lord Apoplexy Hard/SMF21098%Section 2
Super Bonus Flash 6-4luigibonus Medium/SMF25100%Section 2
New Harder Modified Bros Remake | World 1-1Confirm Level Maker Medium/SMF2891%Section 2
My Final Level: Read Description to see whyBlazing Teens Medium/SMF13861%Section 2
Okami's Classic Series: 2-3: Asphyxiate AcropolisEndGame Medium/SMF116100%Section 2
Mario 5-4ililil Hard/SMF1584%Section 2
Bowser Fortified keepScarab Hard/SMF1594%Section 2
Koopa's Islandluigibonus Easy/SMF21390%Section 2
Mushroom PuzzlePuzzlemegreen Hard/SMF1698%Section 2
The Challengescameron2002 Hard/SMF11096%Section 2
Super Luigi Bros 5-4Nothing123415 Medium/SMF1596%Section 2
Big Boom's HauntSuperMario640 Medium/SMF2798%Section 2
Inverted mario bros 1-1theipodtouchman2 Easy/SMF1691%Section 2
Mario Around the World - New YorkGamerOGuy Medium/SMF2686%Section 2
The DoomsdayRed Sun Medium/SMF2686%Section 2
Super Mario World Resurrected 2: World 6-Castle09dhowell Hard/SMF229100%Section 2
Another SMF1 LevelInsaneSanic Easy/SMF1588%Section 2
super anti-ant flash 7-4anti-ant Hard/SMF15100%Section 2