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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
7SuperMarioBros7's World 2-47SuperMarioBros7 Medium/SMF11180%Section 2
Super Mario Bros 3, 2-2mtn Easy/SMF2696%Section 2
Super Mario Flash 3 Snowy Swifts 1JDOCJO5814 Medium/SMF1794%Section 2
Extraordinary holding ghost house (My first hold right)Metaknightpro Easy/SMF212100%Section 2
An experimental levelocarina Medium/SMF1690%Section 2
Super Mario Adventures 3-2Mario236 Medium/SMF25100%Section 2
Fwusha series 1-6 Koopa communityFwusha medias Easy/SMF21087%Section 2
SMA 2-1SonicColors Easy/SMF2698%Section 2
Newer Super Mario Bros. 2 World 5-CastleCaptain Smitty Hard/SMF25100%Section 2
super mario flash 3; level 1; puzzle time!keiji Medium/SMF2887%Section 2
Pulchritudinous Pipeland - 16th Birthday Special09dhowell Medium/SMF28099%Section 2
Back Off, DramaLlamaDRM! ;) Muahahaha... Muahahahahahahaha!!Confirm Level Maker Hard/SMF11298%Section 2
Master FitnessMagicMushroom401 Hard/SMF2792%Section 2
◅♛▻Super Turboman9001 Flash 5-6◅♛▻TurboMan9001 Medium/SMF26100%Section 2
(Chapter 5) Hyrule Castle 1timmyboyXP Medium/SMF27100%Section 2
Mario mission 2 : in search of the secret castle of Bowserdiego500 Medium/SMF2592%Section 2
4-3 Jungle Caverqza100 Medium/SMF2695%Section 2
1-1 : Adventure in Koopa-HillsKyazerra Medium/SMF2690%Section 2
Mario in the USA: TennesseePopthatcorn14 Hard/SMF21699%Section 2
Peace GardensDarkAngel Easy/SMF1596%Section 2
W2 L1gigady Medium/SMF2598%Section 2
Maze-Like Castlekraken111 Hard/SMF2592%Section 2
Mushroom Gorge >Wolfforthewin Tag<JJ7 Medium/SMF21298%Section 2
B.C.R. Map 18Bruno Cristian Rocha Hard/SMF2798%Section 2
Remastered Super Mario Bros. 7-1Lord Apoplexy Medium/SMF2798%Section 2
complicated cave 2-2alejadro Hard/SMF2592%Section 2
Very Cold Place (Contest)masterRic99 Medium/SMF11183%Section 2
Super Przem Bros 2-5przem1994 Easy/SMF12396%Section 2
Luigi's Time To Shine: Green Plumber Plains-2bowserbutt Easy/SMF2688%Section 2
The Abandoned Castle of HorrorDerpy Hooves Hard/SMF21297%Section 2