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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
☠ Deadly Dominion ☠ (Mega Chaos tag)Orangetack Extreme/SMF29696%Section 2
ToadLevel:Land of the battleshipsupersexylol Easy/SMF2586%Section 2
Attack the Mushroom Pilot CANCELLEDDOWNUNDER4000 Medium/SMF2992%Section 2
Water ship!andrej123 Hard/SMF2590%Section 2
The Nights in Jungle - Tag w/Q12546wer22ThePCZ_ Extreme/SMF21296%Section 2
Thwomp StompMagicMushroom401 Hard/SMF1696%Section 2
Vell TempleFelix33 Medium/SMF25100%Section 2
molepartyboxelderbug Medium/SMF2890%Section 2
Remastered Super Mario Bros. 7 | World 1-27SuperMarioBros7 Easy/SMF11399%Section 2
Coin RunnerTrout Medium/SMF11979%Section 2
MVEMJSUNP: The Salvation Of Saturn (Hard)09dhowell Hard/SMF12792%Section 2
Super Mario World Revival | World 2-Airship: World 2 Finale7SuperMarioBros7 Medium/SMF2798%Section 2
magma desert jacksonnintendo3ds Medium/SMF2690%Section 2
Boss 3 (Read Discription)Rollin Barrel Medium/SMF11785%Section 2
World 1-2new mario galaxy bros wii Medium/SMF1982%Section 2
SMR W5-FortressJonCna Hard/SMF2590%Section 2
SMW Remastered W2-5 (Cave Dungeon) [UPDATED]KaizoMaster173 Hard/SMF2698%Section 2
Rise of the Thorn BridgeBrokenAce Hard/SMF21898%Section 2
My 25th Level:The Mario's Mansion!!!Super Flashy 1 Hard/SMF21386%Section 2
The time machine (READ DESCRIPTION FIRST)Blue King Medium/SMF11081%Section 2
World 4-4: Icy CastleJacobon Medium/SMF21995%Section 2
Mario's World Chapter 3 Castle (Platform Castle)Dabomb1992 Medium/SMF1881%Section 2
Bowsers Fortress Hideoutjoe_rod Medium/SMF11290%Section 2
mario's timewarp zone 1-1bowserbutt Easy/SMF14100%Section 2
Super MagootEEg World| Desert Plains Fortress: Koopa's FenceMagootEEg17 Hard/SMF2386%Section 2
Mario's Mission 3-1: Nebrodi Mountain Forest dtaylor17 Hard/SMF2698%Section 2
BOWSERS GARDEN gibbster Easy/SMF2885%Section 2
Super Mariofan888 Flash Level 1-S1TurboMan9001 Hard/SMF2998%Section 2
land boats level0987654321 Easy/SMF2693%Section 2
2-4: The Blazing SunDoogietato Easy/SMF2685%Section 2