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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Falling night 2/5 Master Time Medium/SMF1887%Section 2
ALL-STARS Level Collection: Grassy Fields7SuperMarioBros7 Easy/SMF23198%Section 2
super yoshi planet 1-1Yoshi (bowser jr!!!! bro1) Medium/SMF1992%Section 2
Snake's Dreams!SolidSnake Easy/SMF2891%Section 2
♥Super Mario V.I.P.I / World: 6-3♥ayoub84 Medium/SMF21297%Section 2
World 1 LandJaden29 Medium/SMF11650%Section 2
Mario Vs Boom Boom level 3-10: The chamber castleTheTroller0073 Hard/SMF2598%Section 2
Super Mario Flash 3 World 2-6mariomaker78921 Easy/SMF2896%Section 2
1-castleadamadam Medium/SMF11086%Section 2
Super Mario Forever (Classic)CREATIVE Medium/SMF1698%Section 2
DM Island 3-W: Sunken Castle V2.0Slimeman01 Hard/SMF2586%Section 2
my best hold right 2angeloneal330 Medium/SMF11180%Section 2
Return of the Super Mario Bros. World 1-2flcl64 Medium/SMF11288%Section 2
Tower of the GodsShunshin Medium/SMF1791%Section 2
Stage 1-1julmusten00 Medium/SMF1892%Section 2
♪ [SMB3] Sea Side: Area 1 ♪HungryLuma Easy/SMF2792%Section 2
World 13 : A New Adventure Castle (read desc.)Squirrel-Risu Hard/SMF2487%Section 2
Super Mario Pearl'd 1-3PearlDragon Easy/SMF2992%Section 2
A level for BrokenAceluigibonus Hard/SMF21388%Section 2
Rebirth of the Entities (Arc 2 DLC/SMWR3) | Chapter XLord Apoplexy Hard/SMF2695%Section 2
MultiArena 3: More Insanity Than Platform HellConfirmSMW Extreme/SMF2592%Section 2
New Super Mario Flash: World 2-1Lord Luigi-2014 Medium/SMF1592%Section 2
Piping Hotfrazdeloon Hard/SMF21198%Section 2
World 2-5MrTrolololololll Medium/SMF1787%Section 2
Ultra Mario World 1-1DenzGamer135 Easy/SMF2797%Section 2
♣Mario around the world: LITHUANIA♣ - MagicOTD tagPrzemekXD Medium/SMF29100%Section 2
Super Mario and the Magical Kingdom World 2-1Theflame12 Medium/SMF21175%Section 2
Super Thanh Bros 1-3huynhhaothanh123 Medium/SMF2794%Section 2
world 7 level 4 bossbrugernavn Medium/SMF11194%Section 2
Marios Journey 4-2Incubus fan Medium/SMF1978%Section 2