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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Miasmal Obelisk | DRM TributeEndGame Hard/SMF210097%Section 2
Chapter 1-the adventure begins: Part 4 (read description)Dragonmario Medium/SMF2888%Section 2
SMP11nicolosse Easy/SMF2485%Section 2
Random Bonus Challenge #5BrokenAce Hard/SMF212100%Section 2
SMF2 LEVEL 1pouetpu Easy/SMF254489%Section 2
my frist boo maison firecubemario Medium/SMF2891%Section 2
World 1-2 Night Lights supergooguy Medium/SMF2690%Section 2
Boom Boom's Tower of Heights [UPDATED]KaizoMaster173 Extreme/SMF28100%Section 2
Bouncy Mushroomswolfforthewin Easy/SMF2797%Section 2
Chapter 5- Head in the clouds: (read description)Dragonmario Medium/SMF2988%Section 2
World 2-1 Vine Climb kolemiller Hard/SMF2977%Section 2
Bowsers ChallengeBlondeDylan Hard/SMF11075%Section 2
The Wall of FailRiot_ Punch Medium/SMF1873%Section 2
NaranjazThrasher Medium/SMF13042%Section 2
Spooky Forest 1Smg065 Medium/SMF2797%Section 2
The Platforms CaveRamboCam7 Medium/SMF2790%Section 2
Castle of PainSpeedDeoxys Hard/SMF2598%Section 2
Super Crash Custom World 1-4kraken111 Easy/SMF2492%Section 2
Mario's Search For Yoshi: World 1-1GHSZach Medium/SMF11966%Section 2
SR CUCA CACA Originals 1 (Contest entry)SR CUCA CACA Medium/SMF11084%Section 2
BOWSER'S CASTLE (I did better this time)Luigidude75 Medium/SMF11285%Section 2
Hold Nothing (T.S.)The Scientist Medium/SMF12982%Section 2
Mario and Dragon food level 16/34 QQQOOOOOOOPinoy Mario Easy/SMF2594%Section 2
The Mazey Air CastleMario6556 Hard/SMF2798%Section 2
Wild IslandYoshi 74 Easy/SMF2890%Section 2
Bullet Bill AirshipLasse Hard/SMF2885%Section 2
Level 77665ConfirmSMW Extreme/SMF2790%Section 2
Castle Lurkers (Multi & Popthatcorn14 Tag)Popthatcorn14 Hard/SMF2896%Section 2
Super Salty Brothers 1-3Salt and Pepper Easy/SMF1791%Section 2