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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
For MarioCraft1756Pokey17 Easy/SMF2688%Section 2
Super Mariofan888 Flash Level D-2TurboMan9001 Extreme/SMF27100%Section 2
Wario's Mansion: Crypt, The Upper TombMETALBEAVER Medium/SMF2985%Section 2
Fun Plain levelMario Burke Medium/SMF2787%Section 2
5-4lukeskywalker906 Medium/SMF1683%Section 2
Bowsers Castle Part 2 Level 7Tobi4545 Medium/SMF11172%Section 2
Mario in the USA: VirginiaPopthatcorn14 Medium/SMF21497%Section 2
Fuzzie HordeEV Sceptile Hard/SMF2588%Section 2
Super Mario Time Twister Era 1-4MegaFeraligatrFTW Medium/SMF2676%Section 2
Koopa castle part 1gaganvir Medium/SMF11363%Section 2
SUPER MARIO WORLD 4-A(SODA LAKE)Dark Bowser X Medium/SMF2695%Section 2
Fwusha series 6-2 Main cemeteryFwusha medias Hard/SMF2880%Section 2
The Yoshi Quest: Bushy ForestDoogietato Medium/SMF25100%Section 2
Level 1 World 2blaman Medium/SMF1974%Section 2
New Super Mario World, World 5-Fortressjamesbond13 Hard/SMF2490%Section 2
World 1-1hammer bro Medium/SMF12476%Section 2
Super Mario World remake 1-1luigibonus Easy/SMF21392%Section 2
Mario Series:World 1-6someone123456 Easy/SMF1594%Section 2
Mario Fun LevelCesarHuchim Easy/SMF1795%Section 2
SMWR - North America Land 3Felipe de Farias Medium/SMF21196%Section 2
Bowsers HOLD LEFT AND UPDominik_Pk Medium/SMF1997%Section 2
World 8 : Enigmatic Islands Level 2Squirrel-Risu Medium/SMF21098%Section 2
Forest Templegobbageeata Medium/SMF1791%Section 2
World 1~Level 4 (Improved)(See description)HaydenAtchley Medium/SMF1774%Section 2
Christmas Level (Werid Glitch At Flag)ubfunkeys9 Medium/SMF1390%Section 2
Super Mario Bros. 3 W1-1 ~ Classic RemakeBrawlerDayComics Easy/SMF2995%Section 2
∞ The Long Grey Caves ∞Mario236 Hard/SMF2895%Section 2
World 3 : Deep Sands CastleSquirrel-Risu Hard/SMF1691%Section 2
Jammin World 4-1Jammin_82 Medium/SMF2698%Section 2
Super Toad Bros W4-6 (Tag with Killing Time)CREATIVE Hard/SMF1598%Section 2