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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Super Flash Bros 1-1MarioFlashFan224 Easy/SMF1985%Section 2
Extreme Jump TrialsBlue-Meowstic Extreme/SMF16100%Section 2
Banzai Bill Cannonian2bp5 Medium/SMF2596%Section 2
YOUWILLDIE5:THEWAITWASFUNPharaohtut Hard/SMF25100%Section 2
Hold Righttmoney1 Medium/SMF1891%Section 2
◅♛▻Zero Tribute Level: Astro Man's Labyrinth◅♛▻TurboMan9001 Hard/SMF2598%Section 2
Mrckv3 world 2-1mrckv3 Easy/SMF11185%Section 2
The Goomba ChallengeLevelConstruction Hard/SMF21182%Section 2
Super Mario Bros: Warped 3 - Chapter I09dhowell Hard/SMF21191%Section 2
SaveKume! Eps#4 Kumes Ghost (repost)meshach30321 Hard/SMF2693%Section 2
Blue Leaf WayFactor M Medium/SMF2675%Section 2
Super Przem Bros 2 | WORLD 8-6przem1994 Hard/SMF239100%Section 2
Super Bomber Bros 2-GhosthouseTheBomber137 Hard/SMF2586%Section 2
Road to TowerSaMario09 Medium/SMF1781%Section 2
SMF World 7-2hammer bro Medium/SMF1897%Section 2
8-Bit Land! (SMF1)Multi Easy/SMF11295%Section 2
яєℓєитℓєѕѕ II - HOLD DOWN09dhowell Easy/SMF212693%Section 2
piranhas attack world 1-3danul192295 Medium/SMF11186%Section 2
Super Thanh Bros 1-Fhuynhhaothanh123 Medium/SMF2792%Section 2
HI-C ISLAND: Shellveiw parkLord_Izeekio Medium/SMF2688%Section 2
Pipe Land CavesBlue-Meowstic Medium/SMF2691%Section 2
Leaky CastleS384 Medium/SMF2997%Section 2
Porkchop Plains: Hold Right (Glitched Tile + DON'T BE MARIO)WaterKoopa7 Medium/SMF12280%Section 2
New Super Mario World, World 4-3jamesbond13 Hard/SMF2592%Section 2
Level 5-1 Castle (Bowser)XXYOSHIXX Medium/SMF11086%Section 2
Iron Rain 1/5Ace King Medium/SMF11670%Section 2
B.C.R. Map 13 (Carlos.V Tribute)Bruno Cristian Rocha Medium/SMF2891%Section 2
Power 5-4 TANKS8power8 Medium/SMF2696%Section 2
Super Mario Adventures 2-2 (REPOST)Mario236 Medium/SMF2598%Section 2
Hard Mode-Super Flashy Bros. Level 2-3(Hidden Cave Dungeon)Super Flashy 1 Hard/SMF1995%Section 2