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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Super MagootEEg World| Yoshi's Island: The New QuestMagootEEg17 Easy/SMF2688%Section 2
Mario Forever Flash Special World 3-3Dx16l Medium/SMF1673%Section 2
My Last Level! (Read Desc.)Tickrandom Medium/SMF12386%Section 2
Bowser's Throne Room Master Of Thought Medium/SMF1678%Section 2
THE GANmario4500 Easy/SMF2588%Section 2
world 3-4Dani* Medium/SMF1592%Section 2
Super Cuca Bros 6-5 (Read Description)SR CUCA CACA Medium/SMF11283%Section 2
Underground CastleFluffytub3 Hard/SMF1592%Section 2
mario's adventure 1-5 eerie nighttylerthegreat Medium/SMF2690%Section 2
Zelda Ocarina of Time Dungeons: 7- Shadow TempleOrangetack Medium/SMF218100%Section 2
The Great Cave 2: Morning Sunrise (WJT & MKPro Tag) LariosonicWJT Medium/SMF215100%Section 2
Rambocam's secret Tag level: Special 3RamboCam7 Easy/SMF2698%Section 2
Exanthorian Ruins (7SMB7 & DramaLlamaDRM contest entry)BrokenAce Hard/SMF22099%Section 2
Water cavemegajer Medium/SMF21389%Section 2
Hold Right And UpC3po345 Easy/SMF2787%Section 2
Tricky Traps!nstei Easy/SMF21690%Section 2
read descriptioncreatejm Hard/SMF2892%Section 2
Stone Castlehockeyfan35 Medium/SMF21189%Section 2
SMWR - Europe Star Road 3Felipe de Farias Medium/SMF21196%Section 2
Caramel Island 1-5shappo Medium/SMF1782%Section 2
Monster Land Castle emimac Medium/SMF2685%Section 2
Cloudy Climb2012man Medium/SMF1892%Section 2
boo's world 1-1(mid)starman43 Medium/SMF1590%Section 2
Tails1 2-4Blue-Meowstic Hard/SMF1691%Section 2
Bonus-3 Memory LaneBaIIinFatty Easy/SMF2696%Section 2
B.E.P.M(Bowser Extreme Pipe Mazee :D)KeldeoMaster10 Medium/SMF1596%Section 2
Hold right up with some glitches (Read description)Marc12349 Medium/SMF12886%Section 2
Ghosty Village 31-UP mushroom Medium/SMF11089%Section 2
mario generation 2-1 smf212gu Medium/SMF2588%Section 2
SMF1 cave editionSMF1 cave edition Easy/SMF1592%Section 2