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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
a new beginingšŸ˜„Pkmn Trainer Jake Easy/SMF2895%Section 2
Airship Castlepikachu 2 Extreme/SMF21197%Section 2
The Tails Doll CurseBlue-Meowstic Hard/SMF21690%Section 2
Bowser's Revenge 1 of 5Celestia2312 Hard/SMF2393%Section 2
JMuth561 & invosodude Tag Levelinvosodude Hard/SMF21293%Section 2
Mario Bros. Save Christmas Part 1/2Captain Smitty Medium/SMF1490%Section 2
Impossible mission 2matteo 7500 Extreme/SMF15100%Section 2
Koopa's VillageChrisLuigiTails Easy/SMF1685%Section 2
Hold Right 2Dominik Parkdale Hard/SMF11490%Section 2
a mario levelpuppyking Easy/SMF2592%Section 2
Blast To The Past 2ShortKoop Medium/SMF1590%Section 2
Mario's New Journey 3-3uhlinyaface1 Easy/SMF15100%Section 2
Longest tank 11iceman999 Medium/SMF2490%Section 2
Jambi XI - Act Like FishPolice Pop Hard/SMF21099%Section 2
MVSBB: 1-1 fixTheTroller0073 Hard/SMF212100%Section 2
Yoshi's New year (part 2)Fwusha medias Medium/SMF21691%Section 2
Born to be so Wild 2 (Hold Right)aroberts19063 Easy/SMF1893%Section 2
The Ultratheking4519 Medium/SMF1784%Section 2
World F-1Danyel82 Easy/SMF2592%Section 2
Christmas Level (Werid Glitch At Flag)ubfunkeys9 Medium/SMF1390%Section 2
Super Mario Bros. EX 13JonCna Hard/SMF1792%Section 2
boom boom's Air shiptylerthegreat Medium/SMF2688%Section 2
Super Mario and the Magical Kingdom World 4-6Theflame12 Medium/SMF1986%Section 2
Mario legend 2-3 Dunesegyptian mario Medium/SMF2685%Section 2
don't look downBlackghost Medium/SMF2588%Section 2
Super Parbounli Bros 3-4Ecabacer Medium/SMF2588%Section 2
Super mario Worldyshappo Medium/SMF11089%Section 2
SLL: Sand Storm!mirror luigi Easy/SMF2787%Section 2
New Super Mario Bros. 3 2-5Anphiba Medium/SMF25100%Section 2
Ork's QuayFactor M Hard/SMF2472%Section 2