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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
World 6-8 XDhappyjustin Medium/SMF11297%Section 2
Bowser's secret 1-5: The Steaming Tunnelsdrake98 Hard/SMF2696%Section 2
Super Mario World Resurrected 2: World 7-309dhowell Hard/SMF23099%Section 2
Boss' Battle 2rocky 990 Hard/SMF2998%Section 2
Hold right and WATCHITT!!farisrazi64 Easy/SMF1888%Section 2
☺☺☺Daydreams And ☻☻☻Nightmareallainandrew Medium/SMF12661%Section 2
The Return Vanilla Levelyoshiactoreggman Easy/SMF2893%Section 2
©oin Cave Collector 2 The Se-Pre-SequelCannedBreadz Hard/SMF215100%Section 2
The Abandoned CastleNu Scorpii Extreme/SMF1782%Section 2
Banana's second levelbananapwr Easy/SMF15100%Section 2
◅♛▻Super Turboman9001 Flash 9-4◅♛▻TurboMan9001 Hard/SMF27100%Section 2
World 4-4 "Secret Forest"Felipe de Farias Medium/SMF29100%Section 2
☠~Fluttershy's Shed V~☠ (Read Description)Derpy Hooves Hard/SMF21199%Section 2
fillmore act1- actraiser levelOpiE389 Medium/SMF2788%Section 2
Castle of Elements - NatureChrisLuigiTails Easy/SMF21190%Section 2
Remastered Super Mario Bros. 9-11Lord Apoplexy Hard/SMF2896%Section 2
Pipe galore (Very easy)Omeganecron Studios Medium/SMF11075%Section 2
Galaxy of TroubleKevin3D Hard/SMF1696%Section 2
Super Cuca Bros 3-CastleSR CUCA CACA Medium/SMF11582%Section 2
under ground levellca44 Medium/SMF12377%Section 2
50 Levels Special Mario236 Medium/SMF2898%Section 2
Super Vladut Flash - World 2-1VladutUser Easy/SMF1798%Section 2
ult. planw world 6-1Mrtrainer201 Medium/SMF21180%Section 2
Mario In The Ghost House 4karl Medium/SMF11285%Section 2
Super Mario in sky worldEmanueleITA Easy/SMF23100%Section 2
Peril CavernHaiderhammer2 Hard/SMF2693%Section 2
Luigi's Quest 4-4super yoshi Medium/SMF1690%Section 2
Facil&Experto/Easy&ExpertTheLuisYagami Medium/SMF1790%Section 2
◅✪▻.........................................◅✪▻TurboMan9001 Medium/SMF24100%Section 2
Luigi: W1- BossRed Yoshi 98 Medium/SMF12157%Section 2