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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Lakitu's LandAllan05 Medium/SMF2696%Section 2
Wilderness WayMakyd256 Easy/SMF2698%Section 2
Empty Walls [[REDO]] (READ DESC.)Ace Shadow Medium/SMF11562%Section 2
Haunted Fortress!(READ DESCRIPTION)penguinjr93 Medium/SMF11087%Section 2
THE CASTLE!!!!!!!dwark9 Medium/SMF11180%Section 2
Ludwig's Clock Work CastleEV Sceptile Medium/SMF2691%Section 2
Inside A Worm Thing (AKA This Level Is Strange)Mario236 Easy/SMF2497%Section 2
Adventures through DK Island 1-1Yoshiart7878 Medium/SMF2696%Section 2
PC Mario World C-4 (Read Description for a Tip!)MarioPokemonFan Medium/SMF11076%Section 2
BACK TO THE FUTURE!!! (Mario version) PART II jameshetfield1963 Medium/SMF11570%Section 2
mario's adventure 3-3 yoshi hillstylerthegreat Easy/SMF2586%Section 2
The World Of The Platform 3 (Promo/ Read Desc.)sonic47 Medium/SMF1693%Section 2
T's World - Level HtMinus_ Hard/SMF1897%Section 2
Super Mario Adventure 2: Level 05sonic47 Central Medium/SMF21495%Section 2
[Contest Entry] The Peaceful Mushroom forest Rainbowdashy377 Easy/SMF2598%Section 2
Save us: ThwompBlue-Meowstic Hard/SMF2497%Section 2
Shroom OutskirtsSupermike Medium/SMF1487%Section 2
Super Mariofan888 Flash Level 1-10TurboMan9001 Medium/SMF2698%Section 2
Caramel Island 1-4shappo Medium/SMF1790%Section 2
Pipe maze in a cavesupermario1992 Hard/SMF2598%Section 2
Sky Board - Play in Super Pop Flash 2Factor M Hard/SMF2675%Section 2
Super Mario 2D World:World 1-4Nintendo3DSForever Medium/SMF2790%Section 2
Super Roadhog Bros. 1-1 Roadhog380 Medium/SMF1980%Section 2
Super Mariofan888 Flash Level 8-7TurboMan9001 Hard/SMF212100%Section 2
fun glitch (read description)haplaplon Medium/SMF14183%Section 2
New Super Mario Flash: World 1-2Balam Ajaw Easy/SMF1791%Section 2
Bowser Fortress 1-3 blazerdark Medium/SMF1590%Section 2
New Super Mario Bros 3: Operation Switch Places: 1-2Daniel12 Medium/SMF2592%Section 2
Super Mario World Revival | World 4-C: Isolated In Jungle7SuperMarioBros7 Medium/SMF218100%Section 2
Super Classic World 2 - World 5-6przem1994 Hard/SMF22799%Section 2