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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Tag series with LA: 8-Bit Challange 2-GHPrzemekXD Medium/SMF16100%Section 2
$ Mario Destiny: MONEY AWAKENING $MarioTime0 Easy/SMF1792%Section 2
crash elevator 2bananaramen Hard/SMF22100%Section 2
Super Vlăduţ Bros world 1-3VladutUser Easy/SMF1798%Section 2
The Custom Calamity CastleTFKPillar76 Hard/SMF218100%Section 2
Fun ForestDetonnators10 Medium/SMF11177%Section 2
Fredyz 7 Journey to Egypt (Tag with PrzemekXD)Ryszard x Tromba Medium/SMF11295%Section 2
Super Normal World- World 1- 4: Iggy's Element Castle LariosonicWJT Medium/SMF2898%Section 2
New super mario bros flash 1-2dtumolo123 Easy/SMF2787%Section 2
Super Mario Bowser X 2-1Castle Levels Medium/SMF1590%Section 2
Ultimate Super Master Cavetomwm Hard/SMF2586%Section 2
world 4-4Dani* Medium/SMF1791%Section 2
The Lost Souls (Birthday Special) (READ DESC.)Krazymario Hard/SMF212100%Section 2
The Pipe - Shortyuki nagato Easy/SMF2485%Section 2
X Island Part 4Mario56138 Hard/SMF2596%Section 2
Starry Passagesjust another levelmaker Easy/SMF11371%Section 2
Castle For World 1ToastyToadsWorth Easy/SMF2893%Section 2
Sneaky Wonderlandninaaou Medium/SMF2693%Section 2
Przem Must Die Part 5- Spook ShipsKrazymario Medium/SMF23100%Section 2
Bowsers InvasionMorton koopa Medium/SMF2586%Section 2
Just Before the WoodsShift213 Medium/SMF1797%Section 2
Super Classic World - World 5-6przem1994 Hard/SMF221100%Section 2
Luigi's Time To Shine:Forgoten Bro Mountain-5bowserbutt Medium/SMF2797%Section 2
Level 1-7KonamiMan91 Medium/SMF1487%Section 2
Super Mario World Revival | World 5-2: Timber Cellars7SuperMarioBros7 Hard/SMF21999%Section 2
Island Yoshi Lvl. 21luisezequiel Medium/SMF2790%Section 2
Mina!mina08 Medium/SMF11786%Section 2
hold right underground & sky highbobthebuilder 6 Medium/SMF12990%Section 2
"My first hold right!" version 01SuperMarioForeverSMB123 Easy/SMF11482%Section 2
Ed's Journey : The a Teamashtonious Extreme/SMF1897%Section 2