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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
4-4 Boom Boom's Overgrown Templerqza100 Hard/SMF2696%Section 2
CastleRoy O Koopa Medium/SMF11078%Section 2
1-A Climbing Castledangerous6 Extreme/SMF2497%Section 2
Super Apoplexy World (Arc 1) WORLD 5-2Lord Apoplexy Hard/SMF2594%Section 2
MarioPokemonFan Halloween Special, My 50th Level(Read Desc.)MarioPokemonFan Medium/SMF11091%Section 2
Level 1-1: The travelCesar S Arce M Easy/SMF2693%Section 2
Super Neppy Bros | World 2-2: Mushroom ElevatorxPlayer007x Medium/SMF2996%Section 2
✯ ~★~ Constructive Vandalism ~★~ ✯ 7SuperMarioBros7 Hard/SMF27695%Section 2
ZionLing Forest Traveling To The Fireworks (Not ZR Series)boxelderbug Medium/SMF24100%Section 2
#NSMFF World 1-3LuigiFanInfinity Medium/SMF11578%Section 2
Goobas revenge 1-1matheus9999999999 Medium/SMF1586%Section 2
Super Mario Adventure Land World 5-AirshipMarioMan125 Medium/SMF2586%Section 2
New Mario Worlds - LEVEL 4PrzemekXD Medium/SMF2695%Section 2
The Ancient AsylumEndGame Hard/SMF11493%Section 2
Super Random World 2-2Matias9 Easy/SMF2688%Section 2
HI-C ISLAND: Mini bowsers castleLord_Izeekio Medium/SMF1588%Section 2
minecart shack (play in donkey kong country flash)Mr170253 Easy/SMF2592%Section 2
The Misadventures of Mario 1-3regruB6 Easy/SMF2686%Section 2
Super Mario World Resurrected World 2-309dhowell Medium/SMF24595%Section 2
SMDL World 6-4carlos16 Hard/SMF1592%Section 2
Random Bonus Challenge #5BrokenAce Hard/SMF212100%Section 2
Super Bonus Flash 8-2luigibonus Hard/SMF2696%Section 2
Super mario bros 4 World 3-1 (Read desc)theshogun Medium/SMF2896%Section 2
Super Mario Semi-AutomaticUNBANNED MY OLD ACCOUNT Easy/SMF2954%Section 2
Eye Of The EagleFactor M Medium/SMF2765%Section 2
Super Przem Bros 2 | WORLD 8-3przem1994 Hard/SMF231100%Section 2
hold left! (my first so may not be so good)coke Medium/SMF15083%Section 2
◅♛▻Axew13 Tribute Level: Castle Bounds◅♛▻TurboMan9001 Medium/SMF25100%Section 2
SMF World 6-2hammer bro Medium/SMF1693%Section 2
Green underground (Carlos V tribute)Ecabacer Hard/SMF210100%Section 2