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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Mario and the 6 keys: 1-1lucilein997 Medium/SMF2695%Section 2
super mario bros return of koopa 1-1nigelmusprime Medium/SMF11790%Section 2
Super Mario World 1-2ljrogier Medium/SMF1490%Section 2
1-5 The Final Duelbnbielz Hard/SMF2990%Section 2
LMN 1B - Der Jungle - The Jungle easy einfachlucca Medium/SMF1882%Section 2
Super Mario Flash 64 #11tylerthegreat Hard/SMF2895%Section 2
Super Mario Flash - World 8-3Super Grunt 281 Medium/SMF1888%Section 2
SMW 1-2 part 1rodi77 Medium/SMF11977%Section 2
Super Mario 2D Land: World 4-Prehistoric Tank ForceJonCna Medium/SMF2791%Section 2
Super Orange World: World 4-5 What the Chuck?Orangetack Medium/SMF21397%Section 2
Castle Xmatthewja12 Medium/SMF1787%Section 2
Jammin World 1-1Jammin_82 Medium/SMF26100%Section 2
Frozen Wasteland Part 3Morton koopa Medium/SMF26100%Section 2
World 4-3 XDhappyjustin Medium/SMF1868%Section 2
Ghost HouseSouth-Park Medium/SMF21092%Section 2
Classic! (For the Contest)TurboMan9001 Medium/SMF21696%Section 2
Just Kill YourselfOrangetack Medium/SMF2790%Section 2
Mário WorldTheBoltmon Medium/SMF12278%Section 2
Super mario bros 4 world 1-3theshogun Easy/SMF21088%Section 2
The Journey to Save Luigi Level 1Super Mario Master Medium/SMF11172%Section 2
Unnamed - Tag w/My IRL Friend named dominicThePCZ_ Hard/SMF11597%Section 2
Castle of Darkness (Read Desc.)Toad-is-awesome Medium/SMF11688%Section 2
The New Mario World: 3-1MegaCreator Medium/SMF11986%Section 2
Super Mario Man! Grand Finale!Mr.Crackerpants Medium/SMF21295%Section 2
Forest of HappinessMarkeyruiz97 Easy/SMF23995%Section 2
Bowser's Wooden Fort Chapter 62012man Hard/SMF26100%Section 2
Luigi's Adventure:2SegaSonic500 Easy/SMF1592%Section 2
DM Island 2-1: Sky HighSlimeman01 Medium/SMF2497%Section 2
super moose bros 2-5ExplodingBear Medium/SMF1886%Section 2
Remastered Monday's: NOKO JUNGLEJJ7 Easy/SMF21496%Section 2