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Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
fucking kill yourselfLuigiMaster123 Hard/SMF1465%Section 1
Toriel jizzed in a cup and asked me to drink itLuigiMaster123 Medium/SMF1465%Section 1
Super mario adventure 1-1Xbros222 Medium/SMF2280%Section 1
Super mario adventure 1-2Xbros222 Medium/SMF2270%Section 1
The Castle of ChallengesLuckinhas010 Hard/SMF1333%Section 1
The Scary Chaos (Hold Down)JeyKey_55 Easy/SMF2255%Section 1
Caves and Landscapes (Hold Down)JeyKey_55 Easy/SMF2255%Section 1
Super Mario Bros decadent pouetpu 13 ( Dont plains)vitor alberto Easy/SMF200%Section 1
Strange LandsSuper Mario 64 Wii Medium/SMF2255%Section 1
Super Mario Bros decadent pouetpu 14 - Smb Specialvitor alberto Medium/SMF100%Section 1
pipes in the night skyBenny2000 Medium/SMF2170%Section 1
Tricky Grasslandtobtob Hard/SMF21100%Section 1
Snowdown PlaceMatiasroc Medium/SMF100%Section 1
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