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Newer Super Mario Bros: World 1-3: Grassy Heights

Author : jamesbond13

Votes : 6
Rating : 93%
Views : 1018
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Easy
Posted : 04/01/2015
Status :
Section 2

Description :

One more level before the first castle. Get through the platforms of World 1. No fake rating or you will be banned! If you rate anything under a 10, please let me know what I did wrong.

Level Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OeA_99ggX8

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01/08/2015 03:53 pm
superstarfire33 : 9/10

This is an excellent level overall, with good level design, let alone cut-offs at the end. Other than that, the tiling in the level is very nice, along with the scenery. I had fun playing the level, but to me, it felt repetitive because of the entire level consisting of chucks and goombas. I also think that this level felt very short, as it barely met length restrictions. I will have to rate this level a 9. It was excellent, yet short and repetitive.

01/05/2015 04:54 am
Orangetack : 8/10

Nice level overall. The scenery/design was good, apart from the cut-off tiling at the end. Even though I can tell you wanted it to look like windows or something, it looked ugly. Other than that, great scenery and tiling. As for the gameplay, it was good fun, although repetitive as most of the level was made up of chucks, koopas and goombas. It was too short as well. Sure, it was over x2500, but the challenges were easy and classic with no backtrack, so I beat it very quickly. A better length for a level like this would've been something like x4500, or for it to have quite a bit of backtrack to make it feel longer. Still, it was a pleasant classic level overall.

7.5/10 -Orangetack, Level Critic