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Super Classic World - World 5-2

Author : przem1994

Votes : 15
Rating : 98%
Views : 764
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Hard
Posted : 23/11/2014
Status :
Section 2

Description :

Super Classic World
Forest World

Jungle Cavern

World 5-2
Custom music:
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11/26/2014 03:29 pm
Nintendo3DSForever : 9/10

This level is Really good, and I would say that this is level is very enjoyable, but again, there is still some repetitive scenery. The level had a great feel to it, and overall it's a 9/10=Awesome, But Some Repetitiveness!

11/25/2014 08:23 am
MysteryJohn : 10/10

You made a nice mix of day tiling and cave tiling! And your design (the vines) are great! But still, how about a different design? The scenery is a bit repetitive.

11/24/2014 11:10 am
Felix33 : 10/10

Wow great jungle cavern ,It was fun and has cool part your rate is 10/10 :)

11/23/2014 10:09 am
SkoplerVision : 9/10

When you said "different scenary" I thought it had "different scenary" but I have to say it is still repetitive like the other levels (maybe you varied some parts but mostly is the same), also the challenges are the same, with more difficulty but the same stuff.
Overall, the design was pretty good but you need to vary more scenary and challenges.

You got 9.4/10

11/23/2014 07:39 am
Creatorman : 10/10

Awesome level przem1994, i like the scenery, looks good the CBG. My rate is 10

11/23/2014 06:35 am
cr8torGalaxy16 : 10/10

this is a great level. awesome scenery and sprite placement. i like you using imagination with the big mole in the beginning.well done!:)

11/23/2014 04:29 am
09dhowell : 10/10

I think this is unique in its own way, but because you have so many levels, it's difficult to say the right things about in individual level when I've seen so many in this style. The vines were slowing mario down and making it hard to pass enemies in tight cramped spaces. I don't see a Yoshi shortcut available because Yoshi was removed, my favourite section was that ending section with the spring board backtrack, it was simplistic and just the right difficulty for a world 5 course. Too many vines, the scenery and challenges were a little repetitive but at least you use a range of fitting enemies.

Overall Rate: 9.75/10

11/23/2014 02:23 am
Q12546wer22 : 10/10

Wait for this long.
amazing level da here.although you're always make challenge and scenery repetitive..
I like the shell idea,break those gold bricks,you know,ya....
Hope your levels can like this,more and more new challenges.but before that,you're repetitve1994,so a repetitive review :)