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Dark Desert Spikes - 20th Birthday Special

Author : przem1994

Votes : 42
Rating : 100%
Views : 2382
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Hard
Posted : 04/10/2014
Status :
Section 2

Description :

Przem1994's 20th Birthday Special level is here! Enjoy this level with Dark Desert Spikes. My birthday was on October 2nd!
Rate/Review. I'm aiming for more votes!

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11/02/2018 11:18 am
Delectrico : 10/10

Happy 20th birthday, even though it's too late, ROFL. I don't think it's pretty hard at all, I would place it more like Medium-Hard but I go more for Medium. The thematic is good with the tiles you placed and the monster placement and the P-switch carry made it challenging. The design which made Boom-Boom's battle inside (one of the background's pyramids?) made a good level end. Nice work!

11/01/2015 10:51 am
Bruno Cristian Rocha : 10/10

Happy Late Birthday Buddy <:P


09/28/2015 03:01 pm
PrzemekXD : 10/10

Wszystkiego najlepszego! (Tak, składam ci życzenia urodzinowe rok po wydaniu przez ciebie tego poziomu XD).

Moja ocena: 10

06/28/2015 01:20 am
Jonathan william gunawan : 10/10

Late vote, but still a perfect level, like all your other levels! The scenery was actually breathtaking! Keep it up Przem!!!

05/02/2015 08:22 am
MagicOTD : 10/10

Rate according to the rating system made by me:
1. 3/3 Amazing scenery
2. 2/2 Amazing tiling
3. 2/2 Perfect monster's placement
4. 4/4 Awesome gameplay
5. 3/3 Amazing challenges
6. 2/2 No monster overloads
7. 3/3 No unused space
8. 1/1 Acceptable size
20/20:2=10/10. My rate is 10/10 - Perfect! This level is amazing!

10/08/2014 03:46 am
Osman2001 : 10/10

Everybody said what I wanted to say except one thing There was a glitch with the chuck at 4640. if you ump on it when it is real close to the ceilong makes you go to the ceiling

10/06/2014 02:27 pm
Matrix 97 : 10/10

awesome design! And a lot of challence. Have a nice day Przem!

10/05/2014 10:50 pm
RetzorgIII : 10/10

…And so, the sleeping giant awakens.

10/05/2014 10:27 pm
gamecube geek : 10/10

Happy (late) Birthday, man.

10/05/2014 10:33 am
Markeyruiz97 : 10/10

Happy late B-day przem, anyway this is a very good 501th level, I like the scenery and tiling you used on it and the monster placement was very good, Also nice job with the backtracking at the end. Overall this level was very fun to play and it's flawless. Here is a 10/10.

It's nice to see you make levels again...

10/04/2014 08:34 pm
Q12546wer22 : 10/10

This is a way good job level here :D
it's good to see your new style,very cool and tiling hard done,challenge are especially everywhere single tile,the level is easy difficulty for me but who cares?scenery is overall cool,the focus is on challenge HOLY CRAP!! everything,the p-switch backtrack is the first time I seen you challenge it on main pipe,every time you use p-switch are for bonus room door or bonus room pipe,but crap this is to boss room!!and the boss-wtf this is creative,and fun at all.
20/10 is good for u,also thx the review on my b-day level :D also happy b-day for u being 20!

10/04/2014 07:34 pm
soniccolors : 10/10

you're old O_O

lol jk, great level design and scenery!! love the challenges!

Happy b-day!! 10/10

10/04/2014 11:33 am
SkoplerVision : 10/10

An amazing level with really nice chalenges and nce desing, I've neve noticed you made this CBG, it looks great, for me it has a nice variety on it. I guess there aren't flaws. I'm looking forward for your next levels!

You got 10/10

10/04/2014 11:12 am
Multi : 10/10

Happy Birthday Przem. :)

10/04/2014 11:06 am
Creatorman : 10/10

Happy Birthday Przem1993! The user with more levels on Pouetpu-Games. This is an excellentest level. I can't beat the level, But as far what i'm arrived. Very funny!. I looked in edit mode how Joe Woods. Looking the level. And Great scenery. Looks pretty with your CBG. Funny challenge. Overall is amazing. I like this level too!. My rate is 10 and. Happy Birthday to you :D

10/04/2014 07:53 am
Orangetack : 10/10

Read review on SMF2F. Nice work, and happy birthday. :)

10/04/2014 07:06 am
oomphalapompatronium : 10/10


happy birthday, awesome level.

10/04/2014 05:57 am
felipe de farias : 10/10

Awesome Level Przem and HB to You :)

10/04/2014 05:50 am

Happy birthday, your level sucks. 10/10

10/04/2014 04:31 am
MagootEEg17 : 10/10

Another flawless level from you Przem! No level maker is like you; you're unique and just superb!!! By the way Happy Birthday! your present... a 10/10

10/04/2014 03:25 am
PouetpuLuigi : 10/10

This is an amazing level przem! I really enjoyed it ;) Also, happy birthday! :D

10/04/2014 03:10 am
luigitim : 10/10

Happy Birthday! Great level you made for your birthday, Przem!

10/04/2014 02:53 am
09dhowell : 10/10

You're back after such a long time from posting levels, and what a pleasent surprise to be hit with a classic and challenging masterpiece. Happy Birthday for 2 days ago of course, great tiling, great scenery and the enemy placement was perfect. The simple p-switch backtrack at the end provides a good challenge but it is highly overused in your levels, maybe try something with a spring board next time. Overall, this level was very unique! Pretty much flawless in the realm of tiling and placement. Visuals were stunning too.

9.95/10 :)

10/04/2014 02:46 am
Lord Apoplexy : 10/10

Happy birthday to you, Przem1994! For a 501st level, this is a great start to the 500-level era of yours!

This level has it all. It's atmospheric, even with no custom music. It has fantastic tiling everywhere, and I love, how you did it with the tile 1's. Which usually are bland tiling. But in this level, they fit perfectly. And lastly, it has great enemy placement, and a fantastic Boom-Boom battle at the end.

Enough said. This level is probably flawless. Everything in this level is perfect. Also, since it is your birthday, it also means an instant 10/10 for this level. Overall, an amazing birthday level for an amazing level maker. Happy B-Day, Przem1994. :3

10/04/2014 02:21 am
Joe Woods : 10/10

This is a good level. Happy Birthday Przem! I couldn't beat the level, but it looked fun when I looked in edit mode! Great level for a birthday, but rather dark for a birthday Special. 10/10!