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how good are you??

Author : bear coda

Votes : 5
Rating : 80%
Views : 873
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Extreme
Posted : 10/09/2014
Status :
Section 3

Description :

at this level you can see how good you are. it has an 8-level system where the difficulty increases...the idea is that depending on the levels you complete is how good you are ... I create a table according to my judgment, you have to take the initial 5 lives to make the game fair, that is why this has an extreme difficulty...if you die just take the warp point to get to the level you died before ... they are marked whit coins
here is the table,remember I did this table thinking about the initial 5 lives ( if you lose all the lives in level 5 for example that means that you are in the section 2 )
1-complete levels 1-2 (easy): you can improve
2-complete levels 2-4 (medium): you are ok
3-complete levels 5-6 (hard): you are good... congratulations!
4-complete level 7 (very hard): you are really good... congratulations!!
5-complete level 8 (extreme): you are a mario god!! you rules!

plese rate it 10 is my first level...

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09/12/2014 05:22 am
YokoStar : 7/10

I'm a Mario God? Yay! C:
I didn't really felt is as "Extreme", it's not that hard, but it actually depends on the players, some people can judge it as Extreme, some may as Easy, so I won't lower any points for that.
There were some flaws in your level, they're mostly tiling mistakes. Level 7 and 8 were indeed very ugly. You should fix them, also add some more scenery and remove the "S" tiles behind the lava. :P

09/11/2014 04:52 pm
Markeyruiz97 : 8/10

Not bad, good level with great amount of size(4000x by 1000y = great), I like how you used a good amount of it as well and the numbered challenges on it are pretty nice and add good replay value to this level, the level layout is pretty unique also for the most part. However there were a few flaws, most of what Lord Apoplexy stated. A few tiling errors and cutoff(example: 3460x y320)small cutoffs like x780 y760(didn't corner the pipe tiles), also I agree on Lord Apoplexy about mario walking on munchers and lava, it just feels strange and is not very mario-like, don't use the s-tiles that way next time. Also those amount of message boxs at the start of the level was unnecessary. Only add 1 message box.

Other flaws I can say: Maybe add a bit more scenery to some parts if possible...

Overall good level with nice challenges , for the most part the castle parts are not very good compared to the rest of the level, but the other sections are alright. Overall rate is 8/10.

09/11/2014 04:01 pm
Mudkip0820 : 10/10


09/11/2014 03:02 am
Lord Apoplexy : 7/10

I AM A MARIO GOD!!! I RULE!!! And I am great at reviewing levels, and I should perhaps review this level as well. :P

Anyways, this was... a neat level, I would say. I really like the concept for a level like this, I have to say. It was pretty much interesting. I may use this concept of yours in my next level, Luigibonus VS. Lord Luigi-2014. :)

There are flaws, however. While it did have great challenges, this level isn't perfect.

The first 6 levels had minor tiling errors. But level 7 and 8 just had so many, that it pretty much destroys the beauty of this level. :S

Try using the correct tiling to make this level beautiful. Like the other type of castle tiling. And I also found it weird, that Mario walks on lava, and MUNCHERS. I mean, how can Mario do that? Oh wait... I AM A MARIO GOD. I CAN'T DIE... except, if I touch enemies, or jump on the hazards in levels 1 - 7.

Lastly, I found it weird, that Mario clips through the stone/cement tiling, when going past the goal post.