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No goal point

Author : bin_mario

Votes : 6
Rating : 80%
Views : 867
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Medium
Posted : 04/09/2014
Status :
Section 3

Description :

This level it have goal point but it have after you kill Boom Boom. Want to find him, you must find the feather to go the secret room and it's very hard. That why this level name ''No goal point''. But don't worry, there's one way. Use the key and put the hole.

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04/15/2015 03:05 am
asdfghjkla : 7/10

- Lava does not fit on grass (can be fited on darkland, cave and castle).
- Tiling errors (such as these spikes disconnected, use some blocks, cut-offs on the ground, for example, use block140 at the start/end of the ground to avoid cut-offs, or use the default grassy tileset).
- Needs Flagpole (from Super Mario Bros.), Goal Card (from Super Mario Bros. 3), Bowser Bomb (from fan game Super Mario Bros. Dimensions), or Goal Gate (from Super Mario World, from fangame Mario Forever).

09/05/2014 02:55 pm
megamario2000 : 8/10

Pretty good level overall ok it has some faults, but the puzzle-esque idea behind it makes up for them.

09/04/2014 01:09 pm
YokoStar : 6/10

I have a feeling I've already played a level similar to this one. You get the key, press the switches and go back to the beginning. About the level, it wasn't really what I would expect. The first thing is that Lava doesn't fit a grassland. No wonder why volcanoes don't have any grass no them. Second: The tiling errors. Oh boy, there were tons of them. There were spikes that are unconnected, use some blocks. Cut-offs on the ground, for example. Use tile 140 at the end of the ground to avoid cut-offs, or use the default grass tileset. Some of the challenges were getting very repetitive. Getting up these brown blocks at the end was kinda boring and just wastes time.