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3-1 Winter Land

Author : Yoshi_Island_Gamer

Votes : 8
Rating : 76%
Views : 952
Type : SMF1
Difficulty : Medium
Posted : 03/09/2014
Status :
Section 3

Description :

Its a Winter Land :)
Please give a Good rate this is my First Level ;D
It kinda of short with Unused Space so sorry about that :)

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09/07/2014 02:41 pm
markgib : 6/10

good level but i think it is way too short for my standards. it has scenery but your ending of the level has a lot more potitential.

09/04/2014 06:10 am
YokoStar : 7/10

A great level. It had nice amount of scenery and challenges. There were some problems. The first one: The length and the unused space: Tons of unused space after the Flagpole, plus, it's shorter than 2500x. Try using more of the space, try thinking of more challenges. The next one I want to talk about is the small castle around X: 1180. It had some tiling errors. But the inside is very weird. Is the door a warp to a new universe? Try making the inside of it a castle or something. Your level was great, but keep in mind these errors when you make a new level.


09/04/2014 02:59 am
levelionist : 8/10

Nice level but maybe too short. The level had nice scenery and enemy placement and I enjoyed completing it.

09/03/2014 04:18 pm
felipe de farias : 8/10

good night/winter level with good and funny challenges. just have lots of unused space in main level(-2) = 8/10