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Goomba's Hideout W1-5

Author : AlienStar3000

Votes : 7
Rating : 64%
Views : 753
Type : SMF1
Difficulty : Easy
Posted : 31/08/2014
Status :
Section 3

Description :

After destroying the Fortress Goomba, Mario and Luigi slipped into a warp pipe.After seeing the place, they realized that the fortress was false! Will have to rescue Princess Peach in the real castle, but will have to overcome their Goomba's Hideout first!

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09/01/2014 05:40 am
YokoStar : 5/10

The biggest problem which I saw and is stated below is that your level is breaking the length requirements (The level must be X:2500 or longer). Along with the tiling errors, there wasn't a ceiling for the castle, which looks very ugly. I'm kinda fine with the ceiling-less cave, some Mario cave levels didn't have a ceiling. Another thing is that your level was kinda bland and boring, spice it up a little, use some scenery, mushroom stalks etc. As a beginner, you should look at some levels from the Best section to get some ideas and look what tiling errors you made.

09/01/2014 03:18 am
RetzorgIII : 5/10

I generally agree with Lord Apoplexy, although I think that scenery should only be rewarded for its presence and not penalized for its absence. I also think that a cave level can be without a ceiling, especially in SMF1, but a ceiling-less castle is outright ugly.

09/01/2014 01:14 am
Lord Apoplexy : 5/10

Ok, firstly, you violated a portal rule, which was "no levels shorter than X: 2500". This is a major problem for this level. Perhaps make the level longer next time. Other than that, let's get to the problems in this level.

Firstly, there isn't even a ceiling for both the cave, and the castle. These two levels themes MUST have a ceiling/roof, because if you don't, it won't even look like a castle at all! And speaking of ceiling...

Secondly, there is barely any scenery in this level. Except for the... weird thing at X: 640. But does that really count as scenery!? It doesn't look like scenery to me at all! You should add some bushes, dark pillars, mushroom pillars, castle pillars into this level to make the level more beautiful to play through.

And lastly, the level tiles are bland, mediocre, and just boring to look at. Try to add the edge tiling to the holes, so it doesn't leave a cutoff. And perhaps vary the tiling in this level, as it is just the same generic tiling everytime

08/31/2014 07:06 pm
ConfirmSMW : 8/10

Holy moley, that's short. 2400 X < 3000+ X requirement

My only complaint.