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koopa hills

Author : Cameon

Votes : 6
Rating : 81%
Views : 795
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Medium
Posted : 12/07/2014
Status :
Section 3

Description :

(no description)

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07/12/2014 05:28 pm
LevelSubmitter013 : 6/10

This level has flaws. First of all, for the hill you need a Yoshi, and there is one, but you can cross with a Yoshi with a dirt tile jump glitch. Also the level is a bit short... there's a big lack of challenges.

07/12/2014 05:03 pm
RetzorgIII : 8/10

I pretty much agree with Felix (felipe de farias). And in adress to dtaylor17's rating, the jump is possible if you ditch Yoshi, but I don't think it's possible otherwise. The triforce was actually pretty cool the first time, but it got rather boring the second.

07/12/2014 03:25 pm
felipe de farias : 8/10

well, is good work. i love koopas, but my favorite is the munchers... anyway. the gameplay is simple and sometimes is fun. i like to slip and kill all the enemies, is easier and faster. now about flaws.

1) first, there's cutoffs, at X:1280, X:1800 and X:2100. cutoffs is not good because everyone take points off for cutoffs
2) it's empty. i think you need fill the level with more design/scenery. at X:520 there's a design using the earth tile and i liked but if you put more trees, the earth tower(tiles 40 and 73), black pillars... would be better
3) it's short and have unused space. with X:4180, you can make a good level but fill more the level with challenges and use more your space. there's unused space at X:2860 and X:3700...
4) at X:2580 have something that did not taste very. there's a "invisible" wall not to cross. if is not cross, don't put in L2... or it will become a "invisible" wall

finl rate = 8/10