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♫ Black Night ♫

Author : Felipe de Farias

Votes : 14
Rating : 100%
Views : 1052
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Easy
Posted : 05/07/2014
Status :
Section 2

Description :

It's Just My 99th Level... But Tomorrow I Will... Submit... My 100th Level. Ready To Rate and Play My 100th Level? Well, First You Need Beat This Classic Super Mario Flash Level Made By Me: FELIX THE CAT


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12/07/2014 12:45 pm
cr8torGalaxy16 : 10/10

absolutely awesome level, felipe. cool scenery and great sprite placement!:)amazing design.well done!:)

07/06/2014 03:05 pm
SkoplerVision : 10/10

Great level made, I really enjoyed this, I can say the challenges are the most remarkable thing on it, but from my perspective I have to say I don't liked the music you occupied, does not sounds great with the awesome night level you make. By the way, you got 9.7/10

07/06/2014 04:03 am
09dhowell : 10/10

I basically agree with Lord Apoplexy! Just pretend I wrote that as well, even the poem :P

I can't wait for your 100th level special :D

07/06/2014 03:45 am
Lord Apoplexy : 10/10

As black as the night, the hills glow a yellow-ish green color.
The stars shine with their smiling glows, while the dark sky reveals nothing but darkness.
There is one man, who walks in the night. Dodging monsters, that appear only in the night.
But he succeeds, and proceeds to the special castle to take down Felix the Cat once and for all.

Wow. First time making a poem. Anyways, this level was fantastic in many ways. Let me tell you why.

Amazing scenery, nothing negative to say about it.

Challenges and puzzles were well thought out. Fantastic work on the challenges and puzzles, Felipe. ;)

And it was very fun and enjoyable to play through this level.

You know, you never seem to disappoint me, Felipe. I can't wait to play your 100th level!
+ Amazing Scenery
+ Fantastic challenges and monster placement
+ Great puzzles
+ Enjoyable to play through.


07/05/2014 10:57 pm
Q12546wer22 : 10/10

awesome :O great scenery,challenge and fun to play!! 10/10 :D

07/05/2014 08:36 pm
Mariomaker78921 : 10/10

Very great level! Amazing scenery and gameplay. The challenges and puzzles were odd but very cool. It was a fun level to play. Can't wait to play your 100th level tomorrow :D


07/05/2014 08:34 pm
Needleman : 10/10

I saw this one a really interesting level, I really liked the challenges and design it had.

07/05/2014 08:22 pm
drake98 : 10/10

Lots of unique obstacles and decorations. A very enjoyable level. I give it a 10.