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Super Mario Flash: The Lost Adventure World 3-1

Author : MasterKastylinos222

Votes : 7
Rating : 95%
Views : 823
Type : SMF1
Difficulty : Medium
Posted : 05/05/2014
Status :
Section 2

Description :

This is 1st snow level from SMF: The Lost Adventure series. Enjoy!

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05/07/2014 08:46 pm
luigi-2012 : 10/10

Great snowy level! I liked the scenery except the green grass (-0.5). 9.5/10

05/05/2014 02:05 pm
Lord Apoplexy : 9/10

This felt like a Mario level. And I have to agree with orangetack. Some parts felt a bit bland and empty. Not mushroom stalk scenery, but rather alot more snowy white trees.

It's a very good level, it has a few flaws here and there. But eh, a 9/10 would do.

05/05/2014 01:36 pm
orangetack : 8/10

Great classic fun. Some parts were bland and empty, they could have done with some scenery, maybe mushroom stalk scenery? The challenges were nicely thought out though, great level overall. 8.25

05/05/2014 01:01 pm
felipe de farias : 10/10

good snow level. it's very simple and fun. here your 10/10 :D