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Bowser's Takeover 1-5: Vertigo Valley

Author : Team Bowser Games

Votes : 9
Rating : 93%
Views : 1068
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Medium
Posted : 17/02/2014
Status :
Section 2

Description :

Next Level: 1-C: Iggy's Castle
Previous Level: 1-4
Mario has arrived in Vertigo Valley, the path to Iggy's Castle, but it's guarded by Bowser's troops. Can he find his way through the valley?

Thanks for playing my levels! :D

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04/25/2014 04:07 am
F Lash : 10/10

Good level. It had a Nintendoey feel to it, specifically something from Paper Mario in it.

02/18/2014 04:06 am
Q12546wer22 : 10/10

Cool level :) like other user said can have different tile but the other is great gameplay and nice challenge 10/10 !! :D

02/17/2014 12:20 pm
Nitro : 10/10

Excellent level!!! I enjoyed playing it!!! I'm going to rate it a 10 because the tiling was okay and I think you put in a lot of effort in this level. 10/10 PERFECT :)

02/17/2014 10:33 am
BMenSD : 9/10

-some flaws though
-little overuse of cloud tiling
-be a little more creative with tiling

02/17/2014 09:15 am
orangetack : 9/10

Amazing level TBG! Only flaws are try to be a little more creative with the level. Also in the open area you could do with varying your tiles. Other than that, it's an awesome level.
8.8/10 GREAT