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SMF Challenge 2 | World 3-F: Flooded Fortress

Author : przem1994

Votes : 26
Rating : 99%
Views : 1508
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Medium
Posted : 21/12/2013
Status :
Section 2

Description :

Super Mario Flash Challenge 2

Water World


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04/15/2014 12:59 am
LariosonicWJT : 9/10

I agree with Zm12 and Axew14, but the thing is all the castles and fortresses here are EXTREMELY repetitive! The thing with the Super Koopa on top of the logs and the saw underneath is just getting TOO old! Also, you always put 2 Football Chucks with blocks in a group! Why keep adding that to each castle? I know you are trying to make this so everyone can beat it, but I think it's time for a new approach. Say... make these levels more puzzled.

12/23/2013 02:54 am
09dhowell : 10/10

Eh, I don't like those water cut offs. I love how you design the bonus room and the way it's hidden but getting to the keyhole and the bonus rooms are basically the same P-Switch challenge :( 9.5/10

12/22/2013 04:57 pm
Creation Knight : 10/10

The only cutoff that i actually think is fine are the waterfalls, but it does still look better when surrounded by a pillar.

12/22/2013 04:27 pm
Tom555 : 10/10

Long Level, new game ideas, very interesting to play, the terrific this level is lined with water. Truly something revolutionary.

12/22/2013 01:49 am
Luigibonus : 10/10

Just like my previous preview, great level! I don't care about the cutoffs... Here's a 10

12/21/2013 04:12 pm
Felix33 : 10/10

great castle it was a little hard but I did it so you get 10/10

12/21/2013 03:37 pm
levelbuilder321 : 10/10

It's the same idea like other levels but in castle levels it's even better than usual with some traps,perfect placement of enemies with great variety,great scenery and very fun challenges.Great job!:)

12/21/2013 01:33 pm
Mr.Crackerpants : 10/10

Amazing Fortress, all in out.

12/21/2013 11:13 am
Multi : 10/10

A cool level! It was a really fun castle level with great challenges and scenery! 10/10 ☺

12/21/2013 09:33 am
MrBodyBagger : 10/10

I enjoyed this level and man did i take a congratulations breath once i completed it lol, well done prz. :)

12/21/2013 05:10 am
Krazymario : 10/10

This was very good, except for the fact that when I entered the secret room (flower item room), I thought I was redirected to the start sice the part was so similar to the first part. :P

12/21/2013 04:56 am
Axew14 : 9/10

What you did with the water coming out of the pipes is considered a cut-off.
Not flawless.
Great level otherwise, though they're still a bit repetitive...

12/21/2013 04:25 am
jakefifa13 : 10/10

great despite no przem source the koopa/saw thing is ancient its older than you !

12/21/2013 04:00 am
The 1 : 10/10

Well, this level is completely flawless...

12/21/2013 03:40 am
felipe de farias : 10/10

Awesomes....Awesomes.... :):)

12/21/2013 03:13 am
Q12546wer22 : 10/10

Awesome Castle :D

12/21/2013 02:57 am
Mario236 : 10/10

Awesome :D

12/21/2013 02:52 am
Ho-ohTheLegendary : 10/10

One plain word for this level. Epic.

12/21/2013 02:41 am
Lord Apoplexy : 10/10

I find no flaws in this level. I understand the difficulty too.
This level has great challenges, and great scenery.