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The Castle

Author : Somari Guy 95

Votes : 6
Rating : 76%
Views : 1019
Type : SMF1
Difficulty : Medium
Posted : 22/10/2013
Status :
Section 3

Description :

Mario is in the forest,but what could happen there?
How about getting trapped in a Castle? Well, that's what happens to our hero in red and blue! Double goombas everywhere,a giant pit of lava, and even Bowser! At least you have a little stars.

With Thwomps, goombas, and everything (Sorry I didn'

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10/24/2013 08:43 am
Lord Apoplexy : 5/10

I agree with nimboy. Way too easy, and no castle roof!? It's important, that you add one for a castle level! And almost no scenery. Some bad tiling too. I am not fake rating. But it's a 5. :(

10/23/2013 04:18 pm
Nimboy00 : 8/10

This was an alright level, but there was WAYYYY too much stars. With this much stars, your difficulty will become easy.