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SMB1 2-3 Sadist Edition (Bonus Boss of The Internet)

Author : RetzorgIII

Votes : 8
Rating : 87%
Views : 1291
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Extreme
Posted : 18/08/2013
Status :
Section 2

Description :

Music: http://is.gd/xpQU08
This level, in theory, is at least 25% possible, so unless someone can use TAS tools to prove it's 0% possible, I'll consider it possible, albeit unbelievably hard. If you fakerate this level for being too hard, I will REPORT you, as that breaks portal rules.

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08/18/2013 10:42 pm
LariosonicWJT : 10/10

This level is great! I like the challenge! I am not trying to create fights, but I just posted this:

08/18/2013 07:33 pm
yoshis_rock! : 10/10

auto 10 for fake rate