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Jumping Over Holes

Author : Dark Lord

Votes : 10
Rating : 93%
Views : 791
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Medium
Posted : 23/03/2013
Status :
Section 2

Description :

Holes are everywhere! So watch your step. Welcome back to my another Super Mario Flash 2 level. I hope you enjoy! And if you want add me to your fans/friends list. This level is again medium.
I don´t want to create always easy levels,just medium and hard. Rate and review and have fun!

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03/24/2013 05:46 am
Mushroom75 : 8/10

This was very nice but there was some little overloads with the enemies and it needed more scenery.

03/23/2013 03:11 pm
Da DTian : 10/10

Samantha:It is an awesome level!I like koopas!I think it is great!

03/23/2013 02:41 pm
przem1994 : 9/10

Nice level, but you should add more scenery.

03/23/2013 01:49 pm
Confirm Level Maker : 8/10

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