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Chapter 5 : Jumpy Jungle

Author : Mari-uh oh!

Votes : 5
Rating : 82%
Views : 794
Type : SMF1
Difficulty : Medium
Posted : 10/12/2012
Status :
Section 3

Description :

Having faced a fake Bowser and no sign of the princess, Mario continues onward into the dense jungle of the Mushroom Kingdom. Just what can be thriving in the bushes ahead?

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12/13/2012 02:54 pm
Tom555 : 10/10

This game deserves undoubtedly a Gold Cup. But as I see it has many FAKE rate here. The rating of 73% of 3 people I personally can not take it seriously. It has not happened for a long time that I have been talking with a Mario game so great and that was done so brilliantly. An absolute masterpiece.

12/12/2012 06:49 am
Luigi Look! : 8/10

This level is my 1400 rate :) the level is awesome by the way
Mari-uh-oh gets a 8(Very Good)