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Creepy Valley

Author : HungryLuma

Votes : 14
Rating : 86%
Views : 882
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Hard
Posted : 13/08/2012
Status :
Section 3

Description :

Oh no! King Boo has kidnapped Yoshi! Travel through the Creepy Valley and find King Boo's house! Good luck! ;)
Please rate high - I put a lot of effort in it! :)
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

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09/15/2012 07:21 am
Mario flash rodgers : 10/10

I Didn't Beat The Level BUT Beacause MitjaX Fake Rated You Get A 10/10

08/13/2012 04:49 pm
endgame : 10/10

this level defenitely looks like effort was put forth and now we reap what you've sown, a great level. marvelous scenery and great gameplay.

08/13/2012 02:18 pm
Delectrico : 10/10

Very excellent level, maybe, you were working hard. Also, nice designed, it got decent size, too. mitjaX, don't fake rate again, you may have a warning or be banned.

08/13/2012 01:35 pm
LongBone : 4/10

THIS ONES FOR THE FAKE RATE, and theres some overload ya twit, i hate fake raters

08/13/2012 01:17 pm
mitjaX : 1/10

Just know for next time to not fake rate my levels btw i blocked you here is your reward!

08/13/2012 08:55 am
anti-ant : 10/10

this level is excellent.

08/13/2012 08:44 am
VideoGameDude123 : 10/10

Well, your work payed off. For me, anyway.