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Stage 2 (Read discription)

Author : Rollin Barrel

Votes : 36
Rating : 76%
Views : 1767
Type : SMF1
Difficulty : Medium
Posted : 30/05/2009
Status :
Section 3

Description :

Stage 2 is the next level in the game

Super Mario World 2: Duplication Disaster

*To get the story, find Stage 1 by Rollin Barrel

*Level is guaranteed to work

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10/25/2014 02:15 pm
Dukeonkled : 7/10

Gameplay: 27/50 - It's an ok level, but there were a lot of unused spaces where you could of placed enemies. Level is at a reasonable length though, but overall I think the level was kinda mediocre in gameplay terms.
Design: 14/25 - Other than the little castles, there was no scenery. The structure of the level was good with all the platforms, though. But next time add more scenery. Also there were a few small cut-offs on the castles at both the beginning and end of the level.
Creativity: 16/25 - The level was alright, it's not necessarily terrible on how it fits with the series. But experimenting and adding a challenge or two would have made the level much better. But good job anyway.
+ 8 points for 2nd level --> 65/100 = Rating of 7