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3-Airship The Bullet Bill Mega Drill

Author : deadfish388

Votes : 5
Rating : 92%
Views : 1536
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Medium
Posted : 08/05/2016
Status :
Section 2

Description :

This is a big drill that is digging all of the Mushroom Kingdom's gold! You have to stop Boom Boom!

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05/15/2016 08:37 am
cash warrior1 : 8/10

So the first part of the level was really good, the only problem is the tiling on the airship. There's two airship tiles as you may have noticed and you're supposed to alternate between them. The second part was more enemy focused, which isn't a problem, it's just that some enemies were just poured down onto you. Anyways, fun level!

05/08/2016 05:49 pm
Factor M : 10/10

That was really good, especially the first part. Really Nintendoesque, there.