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mario pros 5-3

Author : Luigi_9

Votes : 5
Rating : 90%
Views : 726
Type : SMF1
Difficulty : Hard
Posted : 31/03/2016
Status :
Section 2

Description :

buzzy bettle


red koopa

up down stand plant

left right bullet bill

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03/31/2016 11:19 am
MasterKastyl1nos222 : 5/10

Not horrible, but not excellent.

For me, moving on the platform over Piranha Plants isn't very good idea. Other challenges are good though.

There are a few cutoffs. They all are linked here: http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r632/MasterKastylinos222/cutoff3_zpse3mvwclt.png?t=1459350880. Add more scenery, please. About the scenery, shadow castles using tiles 101, 103 and 106 under tiles 109-113. Don't use the lava, please, because it doesn't fit in levels like this and is unrealistic.

Monster spams at X:1000, X:2040, X:2340 - X:2860 and X:4000.

Very creative level, but use Bonus Zone or I'll rate your level down next time.

My rate: 5.25/10 rounded down to 5/10 - Not good (Spam level)

03/31/2016 10:52 am
Bruno Cristian Rocha : 10/10

This level is neat darling...