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The First stage 1-4 BOSS BUT NO BOSShard

Author : RYOUTA1234567890

Votes : 6
Rating : 61%
Views : 744
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Extreme
Posted : 08/11/2015
Status :
Section 3

Description :

This is a boss stage but there is no boom boom.

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11/21/2015 05:15 pm
Major Sparky : 7/10

Not bad, but you can actually jump over the saw by holding left and jumping when you reach the edge. However, this requires perfect timing, and can be considered a Kaizo-style element. The scenery and challenge is okay too, but it has Boom-Boom at the end.

11/15/2015 12:43 pm
Ouoyupot : 3/10

instant kill when you enter because you have no idea. It does have boom boom, and. Well that's it.