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Level without name 4-4 Simple is confusing ( Hold Right )

Author : Verdandi37

Votes : 8
Rating : 90%
Views : 806
Type : SMF1
Difficulty : Easy
Posted : 11/09/2015
Status :
Section 2

Description :

If anyone really had used his/her precious time to have a glimpse on my profile, he/she may have known that I have posted the level to Google Docs for the people that may have waited too long. If that really happened, though I think none of this situation will occur, then I must say , sorry for making you wait too long and now you may vote for the level right here.

If anyone had paid attention to the level although the possibility was even lower than the situation on top , you might have known that the name of the level have changed from "Clockwork castle" to "simple is confusing" as after my friend's trial he claimed the level to be simple-made but had never thought of that the route could be used up twice and so said it's confusing.

I used up a whole month to make this level. This is a hold right level and instructions were below. If there is any misplacements ,or any other mistakes, please consider rating a slightly better mark.

Instructions :

1.Copy the level code and place into the level editor of SMF 1

2.Press the play button and hold the -> button

3.Enjoy the level

4.Go back to the page that you copied the level code from and write a review for the level

5.Rate ( 10 ), if it was below 7, please write a serious review

6.Submit your rating and thank you

Enjoy the level !

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09/11/2015 07:53 am
CountDimentioRises : 7/10

Excellent hold right level, but there were WAY too many tile cutoffs.