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B.C.R. Map 47 - Mr. Dry Bones Egyptian Tour

Author : Bruno Cristian Rocha

Votes : 6
Rating : 95%
Views : 823
Type : SMF1
Difficulty : Medium
Posted : 16/08/2015
Status :
Section 2

Description :

You need play this level with SMF1 Egyptian Edition!

Link: http://przem1994.weebly.com/super-mario-flash-1-egyptian-edition.html

yeah, just one more boring castle level and underground too. The egyptian tour will end soon.

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08/17/2015 06:17 am
SMF1 castle edition : 10/10

Great level.. too bad I got killed by a hammer brother but that's just okay the rest of the hack also looks great.

08/17/2015 05:00 am
TheCosmicStar17 : 10/10

I love this Castle level! My space brother deserves 5 stars out of 5 (*****)

08/16/2015 04:58 pm
RetzorgIII : 10/10

Cool level ninja space brother! I think it's kind of funny how there are mini-castles inside of the castle! I also like how these are two levels in one!

08/16/2015 04:18 pm
przem1994 : 10/10

Amazing Castle/Underground level. I really like how you made levels in Egyptian Edition. It has great design and cool use of Egyptian Edition. Awesome work :)

Overall rate: 10/10.