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Super MPhantump Flash 1-1

Author : OfficerPoop247forever

Votes : 6
Rating : 90%
Views : 666
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Easy
Posted : 08/08/2015
Status :
Section 2

Description :

So Bowser stole Peach for the 127th Time, huh?
Mario, you should go after Bowser before it's too late!

Please rate under 10 if you see anything wrong.
I don't care if this goes to goods.

Aiming for 100+ Votes

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08/12/2015 03:57 am
UwaisA88 : 10/10

R.I.P OP247F because you were banned...

*Uwais1992 cries*

08/08/2015 06:29 pm
InsaneSanic : 9/10

dr1bug,stop there aren't complete remakes and new challenge makes it more unique but There one main concern, u can skip to near the end buy just going in a pipe, this gets a 9/10

08/08/2015 04:29 pm
Bruno Cristian Rocha : 10/10

Good level buddy <:)
Please, don´t make remakes, create your own levels with your creativity.
Not a good idea to create these levels with this map style <:\
You can better, don´t give up buddy <:D


08/08/2015 04:29 am
dr1bug : 6/10

ít´s a remake!but you add some parts so i think you diserve a 6!