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Bowser's Star Fortress (Part 2/5)

Author : loki_daji112

Votes : 7
Rating : 84%
Views : 809
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Hard
Posted : 17/07/2015
Status :
Section 3

Description :

As Mario explores deeper into Bowser's fortress, he found out that Bowser has built in additional water physics to his fortress! He could even swim on the ceiling! Talk about some weird ideas Bowser has when building his fortress! There is even lava reported in this portion of Bowser's fortress!

However, when water and lava are combined, an extremely toxic chemical is formulated, capable of poisoning an entire region, and Mario must stop it before it can poison the entire Mushroom Kingdom!

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07/17/2015 02:21 pm
SkoplerVision : 6/10

This wasn't a really nice level, the major part of the challenges weren't really hard for me (I'm not rating based on difficulty) but it seems you tried to add more challenges at the final part (before the boss battle), which made gameplay more flawed and it also made it to look like monster overload, so, you should take care of what enemies to consider and place.

The reason why I say gameplay was flawed is because of the tiling you added, you tried to implement an awesome blue design, but this affects gameplay, actually I can jump to the ceiling and to keep holding the up arrow, moving the character to right and left, this caused me to skip the major part of the challenges.

Another flaw was with scenery, which wasn't a creative one, and this also made the level to look empty sometimes.


07/17/2015 01:44 pm
PoopTurd : 7/10

No scenery and some monster overloads and random patches of invisible water in mid-air. Still nice challenges.
Overall Rate: 7/10

07/17/2015 01:27 pm
BF10 : 9/10

Some cutoffs, repetitive challenges with overloads. Could also use more scenery.