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Grassland Field - FIRST LEVEL

Author : NIGHTkilla

Votes : 8
Rating : 61%
Views : 778
Type : SMF1
Difficulty : Easy
Posted : 05/06/2015
Status :
Section 3

Description :

NK - First Level.

LOL, sounds like a song name.

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02/13/2016 06:02 am
OMGCrawler : 7/10

This is pretty good for your first level, but there aren't very many monsters, and it is a bit too shot and WAY too easy.
Anyways, here's a 7.

06/05/2015 02:03 pm
MasterKastyl1nos222 : 6/10

This level is boring (-1),
needs a bit more scenery (-0.5),
can be major skipped from x: 600 untill x: 1840 (-0.5),
has a monster overload at x: 1100 (-0.5),
bad tiling of mushroom stalks (-0.5),
boring gameplay (-0.5),
unused bonus zone (-0.5)
and unused space from the x: 4000 untill the end (-0.5). 5.5 = 6/10 - Not bad (Not a spam level)

06/05/2015 10:05 am
MagicOTD : 6/10

Good level, but you will try better. First, you need more scenery and upgrade mushroom's tiling. After 3960X is unused space until end. Gameplay is boring and repetitive. If I enter to warp at 540X, I have skipped 1200X. You need more enemies, but at 1100X is a monster overload. Overall, it's good level again, but you need improve level making skills. My overall rate is 4,5/10, round up 5/10, but it's your first level, I'll add +1 point for first level. My rate is 6/10.