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◅♛▻Super Turboman9001 Flash 7-7◅♛▻

Author : TurboMan9001

Votes : 7
Rating : 95%
Views : 685
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Hard
Posted : 25/05/2015
Status :
Section 2

Description :

7-7: Tornado Man's Thunder Tornado

Tornado Man is now guarding the last line of defense before Tengu Man's evil lair! Here, Tornado Man has created a HUGE cyclone ready to rip apart the hills below! Stop the tornado and find Tengu Man!

Custom Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TELSbAMwUSQ

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07/31/2015 04:31 pm
RetzorgIII : 10/10

You astound me. You pump out long, challenging, and varied levels faster than Sega pumped out consoles back in its glory days, and unlike przem1994's levels, they're actually different from each other. You are seriously one of the most underappreciated users on this site. Although I am sometimes frustrated by the difficulty of your levels, it is nowhere near Lord Apoplexy's unplayable difficulty. I truly feel privileged to be able to play your levels, and I have every reason to adore you.

05/26/2015 03:28 pm
winitall : 8/10

It's a good level, but feels a bit repetitive and long. I like the background you chose.

05/25/2015 08:05 am

This level was interesting. It was fun, but there were some minor Goomba overloads. Except for that, great level. 9/10