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Gold Mine (Now possible)

Author : NintendoBro

Votes : 5
Rating : 80%
Views : 874
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Hard
Posted : 07/05/2015
Status :
Section 3

Description :

My 2nd level. I forgot at one part where it was impossible... Thanks to magmaface for letting me know, now it is possible

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05/13/2015 07:09 pm
AgentAttorney : 7/10

Ok so the floating fish. No. I don't care if they're dead and they can float because of it, just no. Some jumps like the ones at 2840X and 880X are completely blind, forcing leaps of faith. There are about 5 major tile errors with only one of them having you fall through the floor. The first one is at 460x with the different tile under the highest coin. Change that to tile 94 like the rest. The one at 1640x is another, please use a correct corner tile. 2500X: same thing with 1640x. The ones at the end with the water are the 2 others. Change the grey blocks and the grey blocks with eyes to wood square blocks to fix. Not major sprite spam excluding all the springs. Still good, but no area of levelmaking is "terrible." (Good) Job.

05/08/2015 08:47 am
Magmaface : 5/10

Also, it's not even overloaded. 1 sin.
This level is impossible to beat. 2 sins.
The tiling is terrible. I kept falling through the ground. 1 sin.
Sin count: 5
Sentence: Playing this level