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Waterfall - Play in New Super Pop Flash Mode

Author : Factor M

Votes : 7
Rating : 75%
Views : 665
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Hard
Posted : 31/03/2015
Status :
Section 3

Description :

Feel the rush of the water.


Note: This is the second version because I accidentally lost the first version of the level. The first version was better, although this one was closer to my original idea of what the level should look like.

Also: Made it harder, too.

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06/16/2016 06:05 pm
mesmile : 1/10

Kill yourself faggot
No one loves your levels. They are absolute shit.

I have your IP address and location. And I will fuck you up bitch.

Seriously, kill yourself PG supporting faggot. Or I will do it for you.

04/21/2015 07:06 am
asdfghjkla : 10/10

Terrible water tiling, Porcupuffers are goodiest example. There are little overloads of Koopa Troopas.

04/15/2015 12:26 pm
MagicOTD : 9/10

lots of water cutoffs (-2). my rate is 8/10

04/09/2015 01:31 am
Pkmn trainer Jake : 9/10

i have to agree with metalbeaver -2.5 but heres +1 for creativity

04/01/2015 07:19 am

Terrible water tiling. I would say that this is decent level. Challenges were, i guess, OK at some points, but still there are so many spots where enemies will just pop out of nowhere (Spiked Fishes are best example). There were also minor overloads of Koopas. Overall, it wasn't really fun to play. 7/10